You probably don’t print as many photos as you used to, and that makes sense. In this digital age of cloud storage, social media, and instant messaging, the process of storing, sorting, sharing, and editing the pictures we take has really never been faster and easier. But remember those days of pulling a heavy photo album off of a shelf, and flipping through the pages of yellowing and sepia-toned photos? Remember staring up at walls lined with framed photographs of smiling faces? Whether the image captured a rare family gathering, […]

There’s magic in long exposures, particularly ones made outdoors that draw in scenes and overlay them with a sense of motion.  Making these images is not hard, so we will start with the necessary pieces of gear and then work through some techniques for success. Needed Gear The most critical piece of gear for long exposure work is a solid tripod.  This sounds simple, but it’s the main source of problems that I encounter with folks who complain about their long exposure work. The problem is one of stability.  Too […]

Snow may be cold, but it’s hard to find another weather element that can create so many amazing photographic backgrounds. From mountain top ski slopes to children building snow forts in the back yard, winter offers some of the most dramatic opportunities to capture family, vacation, and scenic images. Knowing a few simple tips can help you make the best of those winter photo shoots, and fill your albums with beautiful images that will entertain your friends and family for years to come.

It used to be that shooting panoramas required special gear and lots of math and so, many “regular” photographers never bothered to try.  Yet panos seem so easy on your smartphone.  Hmm, what are the steps to shoot great panoramas with your more regular camera? It’s easy so let’s go! What You Will Need Well you are definitely going to need a camera.  A wide angle to medium focal length lens is a good choice to start with but you don’t need a super wide because the width is going […]

2019 has been a great year for mirrorless cameras. All of the major manufacturers have flagship mirrorless cameras in market, and each is expanding their mirrorless lens offerings. Features- and specs-wise, mirrorless models are on par with their DSLR companions, and in many cases, are driving innovation and new features ahead of DSLRs. Which means the competition for the best model you can buy has only heated up. As we head into 2020, what is the best mirrorless camera to buy? The Sony a7R IV is a great mirrorless camera […]

Depth of Field and Bokeh

Understanding and learning to use depth of field to your advantage will definitely help you improve the quality of your photographic endeavours. When you use depth of field effectively, and add in some out of focus highlights that are soft and round and glowing, you too can have beautiful bokeh.

We are always looking for gift ideas for the holidays. Photographers like photography related gifts, but sometimes it can be tough to convey the precise information. I’m here to help. Just print this article off and highlight all the things that would make a great gift for yourself.