Lighting Your Vlogs

Vlogging is one of the most rapidly growing social media outreach mechanisms. Using your DSLR and mirrorless cameras to make a vlog produces a huge improvement in quality over a smartphone. We’ve written recently about choosing a microphone for your camera to deliver better quality audio, so this time let’s look at the challenge of lighting.

Flowers using High Speed Sync in Bright Sun

We are going to talk about a really powerful – but occasionally misunderstood – flash tool called HSS, or High Speed Sync.

This feature allows us to achieve a proper flash exposure at a shutter speed much higher than the default flash synchronization speed. It’s absolutely brilliant and on many camera / flash combinations that support High Speed Sync, it’s often just a switch setting.

What is Fill Flash?

For many photographers, flash is a “no go” zone. It’s unfortunate because flash can make a real difference in your images and isn’t complex.

From full auto to full manual, most cameras offer us a choice of mode operations. We’ll take a look at Program and Aperture Priority modes because they can automatically yield the magic of TTL Fill Flash.

You Got A New Camera - Part One

Congratulations! That’s awesome. Either this is your first serious camera and you are itching to turn it into your best friend, or it’s an upgrade from your trusted pal that will help unlock more creativity and experience. Whatever brought this new joy into your life, there are a few things that you can do to make the new addition more fun and garner more success sooner.

A key method to making your social content better received is to light it well.  There’s a lot of misinformation floating around so let’s start at the very beginning, and you can follow along as you see fit? What is Light Light should be a pretty simple concept, but it sure can be confusing with about a zillion products and opinions all over the place.  Good lighting is lighting that you like and that helps to tell your story without distracting from it.  That’s it. We probably remember from school, […]

You’ve got a vlog, or you’ve been empowered by your company to do some face to face interviews with interesting people.  You’ve got the right content, you’ve got a script, you’ve got a plan and you know about Lights! Cameras! Action! Yeah, About Those Lights…. When you want your videos to look professional, but without dropping a bomb on lighting, that doesn’t mean that you go without lighting.  So called “natural light” nearly never looks natural or all that flattering.  We know that successful videos make the talent look good.  […]

There’s magic in long exposures, particularly ones made outdoors that draw in scenes and overlay them with a sense of motion.  Making these images is not hard, so we will start with the necessary pieces of gear and then work through some techniques for success. Needed Gear The most critical piece of gear for long exposure work is a solid tripod.  This sounds simple, but it’s the main source of problems that I encounter with folks who complain about their long exposure work. The problem is one of stability.  Too […]

Depth of Field and Bokeh

Understanding and learning to use depth of field to your advantage will definitely help you improve the quality of your photographic endeavours. When you use depth of field effectively, and add in some out of focus highlights that are soft and round and glowing, you too can have beautiful bokeh.