When on set for a shoot, there’s a little secret weapon I always like to have on hand with me – a light meter. You may be asking, ‘Why on earth would I want to use a light meter when my camera already has a light meter?’ Well, the difference here is that a camera measures reflective light while the light meter measures the light hitting your subject. Using a dedicated light meter allows you to take a reading off your subject, and with that allows for a more accurate […]


There are many genres of photography to explore in the world. Traditional genres such as portraiture, landscape, still life, and macro photography all follow a basic set of rules and principles that must be adhered to for technically proficient results.

There are some photographic genres that defy the static rules of photography. Light painting is just such a genre!


A key method to making your social content better received is to light it well.  There’s a lot of misinformation floating around so let’s start at the very beginning, and you can follow along as you see fit. What is Light? Light should be a pretty simple concept, but it sure can be confusing with about a zillion products and opinions all over the place.  Good lighting is lighting that you like and that helps to tell your story without distracting from it.  That’s it. We probably remember from school […]

When I teach someone about how to use strobes for lighting a portrait, they always seem amazed as to how simple the technical hurdles are to getting started.  One’s initial impression of a potentially difficult, complex and highly technical world becomes a fairly simple affair.

It’s easy to understand how someone can be led to believe that using strobe lighting is difficult.  The various pieces of the puzzle can have an outward appearance of being technically complex and sophisticated.  Taken one piece at a time, you can learn the essentials of lighting very quickly, after which it becomes a matter of practice with the lights themselves to get portraits that you love. 

The world of close up photography is something that I had always wanted to explore. The semi surreal kind of shots that you can get with a macro lens or by adding extension tubes can be quite beautiful. As with anything else you photograph, light is an important element to consider. If your ambition is to create clean and well lit product photos (perhaps for selling products on a website) you don’t necessarily need to invest in a strobe system for this purpose.  To understand how you can achieve great results with a very simple setup, we need to remind ourselves of a simple concept in lighting that is relevant.  The concept is the difference between hard and soft light.