Kid swimming

If your kids have access to a tablet or smartphone, chances are, they’ve been all over TikTok and Instagram lately. These platforms give your savvy tweens and teens endless possibilities when it comes to digging deep into their creative side. Although a lot of these videos might be less than a minute long, there’s a lot that goes into coming up with content, filming, editing, and sharing it for the world to see. And even though summer’s winding down, you’ve got a few weeks left to engage with your kids […]

Shooting great video with your interchangeable lens camera is easy if you know the simple tips to make it work. We will start with the basic settings and then look at some key accessories that will raise the quality and watchability of your project. Camera Settings Most all cameras have a video mode. This is different from just pressing the Record button because it gives you some simple controls that make for better video right away. Figure 1 : This image shows the toggle switch on a Nikon camera to […]