With the Olympics on the horizon and summer sports in full swing across Canada, we wanted to revisit some valuable tips and gear recommendations for Sports Photography from Sony Alpha Universe Photographer David Horn. We hope you take inspiration from this and learn some great tricks to improve your live action sports photography skills! Dive into this inspiring blog from the Sony Alpha Universe: What’s In my Bag: A Sony Alpha Sports Kit for Premier League Action David Horn (@davehorn247) has been photographing professional sports since 2012. “I’m co-owner of […]

A family trip photo journal with Joe Donoghue – The.OutdoorCollective Organizing a road trip with three young kids with, including a baby, is no small feat. The unique challenge of limited space meant we had to pack light and prioritize essentials. Amidst the chaos, I managed to forget a few critical items like my lens filters and an extra battery. Despite this, we embarked on our adventure to Maine, equipped with my Canon 60D DSLR, a Sigma 24-105mm zoom lens, a Sigma 10-22mm wide-angle, a Canon 50mm lens, and my […]

Anthony Jackson had the opportunity to experience the all-new Canon R5 MKII at our Oakville retail location recently, and he wanted to share his thoughts on this groundbreaking new camera. Canon Unveils the R5 MkII: A First Look at the Latest Innovation In a highly anticipated release, Canon has introduced the R5 MkII, an advanced version of its popular R5 camera, featuring significant upgrades in design, battery, processor, and cooling system. The new model, showcased at our Henrys Retail Store in Oakville, promises to set new standards in both photography […]

Sony Alpha Universe Repost | Step Into The Shade And See Why You Should Always Look Up This week we’re turning our lens toward the majestic beauty of tree photography, as captured by a group of talented nature and landscape photographers on Instagram. If you’re unsure what to shoot this summer, photographing trees can be a deeply rewarding experience that reconnects you with nature. Each tree, with its unique shape, texture, and interplay of light and shadow, tells a story of resilience and growth. As you immerse yourself in the […]

Capturing the perfect outdoor photography is a blend of timing, technique, and creativity. The time of day you choose to shoot can dramatically affect the quality and mood of your photos. Here’s a guide on the best times to take outdoor photographs, complete with tips, tricks, camera settings, and unique ideas to elevate your outdoor photography game. Golden Hour: The Outdoor Photographer’s Magic Hour Golden Hour is the time shortly after sunrise and before sunset when the sun is low in the sky, casting a warm, golden light that is perfect […]

Candid photography is all about capturing spontaneous moments that convey genuine emotion and authenticity. It’s a powerful way to tell stories and preserve memories, especially with kids and family. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting, this guide will provide inspiration, shooting tips, recommended equipment, and ways to make candid photography enjoyable for everyone involved. “My family and I often embark on adventures, and while I take plenty of portrait-style pictures, it’s the candid shots that I cherish the most. These candid photos capture moments of excitement and passion, […]

Every wedding photographer has their favourite parts of the wedding day and mine is definitely the bridal portraits. This is a time away from the chaos and a time to have some fun and get creative. As a professional photographer of 15 years, I definitely rely on my gear and I need it to be there for me, especially on a “high-stress”, “no going back”, “once in a lifetime” job like a wedding.  My go-to camera is the Sony Alpha 1 and I love it for many reasons, but specifically […]

Photography isn’t always about sunny skies and perfect conditions. Bad weather can offer unique opportunities to capture stunning, mood-filled images. Whether it’s the dramatic lighting of a thunderstorm or the soft, diffused light on a rainy day, knowing how to adapt your photography to bad weather can elevate your skills and produce breathtaking results. Here are some tips, tricks, and gear recommendations to help you make the most out of inclement weather photography. Lighting: Embrace Natural Light and Stabilize with a Tripod Bad weather often brings unique lighting conditions that […]

Planning a camping getaway this year? Whether it’s a serene retreat or an adventurous expedition, forests offer a captivating backdrop that’s ripe for camping photography. Yet, capturing the enchanting essence of the woods can be as challenging as it is rewarding. This blog will equip you with essential strategies to tackle the unique hurdles of forest landscape photography and transform dense forest scenes into photographic masterpieces, all with the help of Tamron lenses, available for all major camera brands at Henry’s Camera. Mastering the Mystique with Natural Light: Golden Hour […]

New Sigma Camera Lens Released June 25 After years of anticipation, SIGMA is finally releasing a selection of lenses for Canon RF Mount cameras. Since its introduction in 2018, the Canon RF Mount has gained popularity, especially as DSLRs have declined and mirrorless cameras have become the new industry standard. The Big News! As of April 23, 2024, SIGMA is developing six APS-C format lenses under a license agreement with Canon, Inc. These lenses are: The 18-50mm F2.8 DC DN | Contemporary will be available in July 2024, with the […]