Guide to Camera Gear for Travel
Guide to Camera Gear for Travel

Essential Compact Camera Gear for Travel: Beyond the Camera

While the right compact camera for travel is a crucial element of your photography setup, having the right camera gear for travel can make all the difference in ensuring your gear remains compact and travel-friendly.

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Here are some must-have camera accessories that won’t weigh you down but will enhance your travel photography experience:

1. Camera Bags: Lightweight and Functional

Camera Backpacks - camera gear for travel

Invest in a camera bag that’s designed for compact gear. Look for options that offer customizable dividers to fit your camera and lenses snugly. A solid, well built pack is an essential item for compact camera gear for travel.

Brands like Lowepro and Peak Design offer fantastic choices for compact camera bags that balance protection and portability.

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2. Lenses: Versatile and Space-Saving

Camera lenses - compact camera gear for travel

When packing for your travels, consider bringing a versatile wide-angle zoom lens for capturing landscapes and a 50mm prime lens for stunning portraits and low-light scenes. These two lenses cover a broad spectrum of photography opportunities and add creative flexibility to your travel kit.

A Wide-Angle Zoom Lens (e.g., 16-35mm or 10-24mm), is excellent for capturing expansive landscapes, architectural details, and immersive travel photos. It allows you to encompass more of the scene, adding depth and drama to your images. It’s a valuable addition, especially if you enjoy capturing the environment and cityscapes.

Prime lenses, with their fixed focal lengths and wide apertures, are excellent choices for travel. They offer sharpness, low-light performance, and the coveted background blur, making them ideal for portraits, street scenes, and artistic compositions. Their compact design adds minimal weight to your kit, enhancing your creative freedom while keeping your travels light and hassle-free.

An alternate option to bulky camera lenses (for those who really want to pack light), learn about the ‘Advantages of Mirrorless Cameras for Travel Photography‘.

3. Tripods: Compact and Sturdy

Tripods - camera gear for travel

A compact and lightweight tripod is a game-changer for travel photography. Look for models with flexible legs or travel-specific tripods that fold into a small size. Brands like Joby offer travel-friendly options that fit into your backpack.

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4. Cleaning Kit: Keep Your Gear Pristine

Camera Cleaning - camera gear for travel

Dust and dirt can quickly accumulate when you’re on the road. A compact cleaning kit with a blower, microfiber cloth, and cleaning solution will help you keep your lenses and camera sensor spotless. This Cameron Camera & Lens Travel Edition Cleaning Kit is compact and provides everything you need to get a detailed clean on-the-go.

5. Chargers and Batteries: Powering Up on the Go

Spare batteries and chargers - camera gear for travel

Invest in extra batteries and a compact charger that can handle multiple battery types if you have various devices. Enhance your charging kit with a valuable addition – the ToughTested Solar Power Bank. This versatile power bank not only stores ample power for your phone and camera batteries on the move but also offers a solar charging option for added convenience when you’re running low on power.

6. Memory Cards: High Capacity, Compact Size

Camera Memory - camera gear for travel

Choose high-capacity memory cards to ensure you never run out of space for your photos and videos. Opt for cards with fast write speeds to handle 4K video or high-speed burst photography.

Choosing a camera memory card can be a challenge. We recommend speaking with one of our Creators at a Henry’s Retail Store – they will help select the right memory card for your needs.

7. Filters: Enhance Your Shots

Lens Filters - camera gear for travel

Compact camera gear should include a few essential filters like polarizers and ND filters to improve your shots. These can add creative flair without adding bulk.

Learn about the different types of lens filters and how they work here.

8. Smartphone Apps: Capture and Edit on the Go

Editing on the go - camera gear for travel

Maximize the capabilities of your smartphone by using photography apps for capturing and editing. Apps like Adobe Lightroom and Snapseed offer powerful editing tools that can rival desktop software.

When selecting these accessories, prioritize quality, versatility, and space-saving designs. With the right combination of compact camera gear and accessories, you’ll be prepared to capture stunning images without overburdening your travel adventures. Henry’s Cameras offers a wide range of compact camera accessories to enhance your travel photography experience, so make sure to check their offerings and get ready for your next journey!


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