Milky Way

Matt Matkin (@matt_matkin) is a visual storyteller who recently moved across to the US to land a dream job as a video producer. “I’ve always had a passion for videography and photography. I always considered myself a videographer over a photographer yet, my love for photography has grown so much that I think I’m taking more photos than videos these days. There’s magic to capturing a moment in time where everything lines up perfectly and you get the shot you had in mind, I can’t think of a better feeling. […]

The Best Landscape Photography Tips

Ansel Adams said, “Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer – and often the supreme disappointment.” He understood the challenges of landscape photography and how to tackle them. Technology and the advent of digital photography have eliminated many of the technical issues that Ansel faced, but his methods are still helpful to photographers today.

Landscapes in Concept A landscape photograph is most often created to establish a context for a story.  The story can be told with the landscape itself, or act as the establishing shot for a slideshow, collage or short video. Shooting landscapes is pretty easy — getting them to be great is a bit more work. Horizons A landscape always has a horizon in it somewhere.  This horizon line must be level.  If it is canted, your viewers will be uncomfortable, subconsciously feeling that they are sliding out of the image.  Your […]

When trying out activities mentioned in this article, please follow COVID-19 guidelines and directives for your area. Canadian landscapes and wildlife are natural subjects to capture any time of the year, but Winter provides unique photo and video opportunities like no other season. Despite the frosty temperatures, many photographers find inspiration in their surroundings to get out of their comfort zone – both in terms of photography and the warm indoors – and make some amazing photos (with the help of Mother Nature!). In this article, we’ll revisit some of […]