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There’s magic in long exposures, particularly ones made outdoors that draw in scenes and overlay them with a sense of motion.  Making these images is not hard, so we will start with the necessary pieces of gear and then work through some techniques for success. Needed Gear The most critical piece of gear for long exposure work is a solid tripod.  This sounds simple, but it’s the main source of problems that I encounter with folks who complain about their long exposure work. The problem is one of stability.  Too […]

The Exposure Triangle is a continuous entity. A change to any value necessitates a change to at least one, perhaps both of the other elements. If we want a higher shutter speed, then either we have to open the aperture or increase the ISO or some combination of the two. When we shoot in full automatic, the camera’s CPU is doing all the work for us based on the meter reading. That’s great, right up until we choose to take a bit more creative control of the triangle.

“I am going to Disney World in a month and am trying to find out how I can get better photos from my vacation. What DSLR settings are the best for shooting fireworks? What are the best settings to use when wanting to photograph stationary objects and have people that are walking by blurred?”

“I enjoy doing sports photography that has a lot of action – what are my options for capturing fast action and stop action? I enjoy shooting both indoors and outdoors? Does this mean I should change lenses? Is there one lens or should I be looking at some choices? Are there options for filters that I should also consider?”