Trying to find the right camera isn’t always an easy search. Visit a webpage dedicated to just about any model from any manufacturer, and you may be overwhelmed with a huge list of numbers and terms that may not mean very much, even to the average photographer. One of the most important of these specifications, though, is sensor size, and understanding how sensor size works can help you make the right choice when you purchase your next (or first!) digital camera. In this blog post, we’ll briefly describe what sensor […]

A new year is a great time to make a fresh start, and although 2020 is already a couple weeks old, it’s not too late to make a resolution. If you’re thinking about upping your photography game — or even just getting into photography — there’s no better time. And there might not be a better camera on the market for you than the Nikon Z50. Small, durable, easy to use and packed with features — what more could a beginner ask for? Whether you’re interested in photography as an […]

Like many of our favorite gadgets today, modern digital cameras are essentially mini-computers. And like many of these devices, cameras are regularly tweaked and improved upon via firmware updates from the manufacturers. Firmware is a piece of software code embedded into your camera, typically on a motherboard or other electronic component. Like any software, it can be changed, updated or overwritten. And because technology development and innovation is lightning quick in the digital era, our cameras need those updates and changes to keep pace. But camera firmware updates are often […]

You probably don’t print as many photos as you used to, and that makes sense. In this digital age of cloud storage, social media, and instant messaging, the process of storing, sorting, sharing, and editing the pictures we take has really never been faster and easier. But remember those days of pulling a heavy photo album off of a shelf, and flipping through the pages of yellowing and sepia-toned photos? Remember staring up at walls lined with framed photographs of smiling faces? Whether the image captured a rare family gathering, […]

It used to be that shooting panoramas required special gear and lots of math and so, many “regular” photographers never bothered to try.  Yet panos seem so easy on your smartphone.  Hmm, what are the steps to shoot great panoramas with your more regular camera? It’s easy so let’s go! What You Will Need Well you are definitely going to need a camera.  A wide angle to medium focal length lens is a good choice to start with but you don’t need a super wide because the width is going […]

2019 has been a great year for mirrorless cameras. All of the major manufacturers have flagship mirrorless cameras in market, and each is expanding their mirrorless lens offerings. Features- and specs-wise, mirrorless models are on par with their DSLR companions, and in many cases, are driving innovation and new features ahead of DSLRs. Which means the competition for the best model you can buy has only heated up. As we head into 2020, what is the best mirrorless camera to buy? The Sony a7R IV is a great mirrorless camera […]

We’ve discussed both filmmaking and vlogging in this space recently, but there’s another type of video we haven’t discussed yet, and it’s one that most everyone shoots at some point: the traditional home video. With the holidays around the corner, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to capture memorable family moments, from discovering what’s under the tree to New Year’s Eve hijinks and family trips to tropical destinations. To shoot great-looking home videos, you don’t need a fully-decked out filmmaking or vlogging kit or a camera with multiple interchangeable lenses. The […]

Finding the best camera for filmmaking or vlogging  Most of today’s top digital cameras are capable of shooting video as well as stills — and for the average user, simply having the option to shoot video is often enough. But there are specific uses for digital video, including a new one — vlogging — and a classic one — filmmaking — that require specific features, specifications and accessories. Let’s take a look at the difference between filmmaking and vlogging, and what to look for in a filmmaking camera — and […]

Whether you’re just stepping outside on a snowy day, shooting zebra on a dusty plain or climbing to the top of an icy mountaintop for the perfect panorama, if you like taking photos outdoors, you’re going to have to face a variety of weather. And you don’t want that weather to affect your shots, or worse — the lifespan of your camera. That’s why ruggedness and durablity of both the body and lenses you choose should be top of mind when you think about investing in a camera for travel […]

If you’re thinking about starting up your own vlog, chances are it’s because you’ve been inspired by some of the many great vloggers on YouTube. You’re probably familiar with what’s in front of the camera – whether it’s comedy, travel, or beauty – but what about the camera itself? As viewers, we might not think about it, but it takes the perfect combination of the right camera equipment and smart videography skills to create those top quality videos. Here’s our guide to everything you need to know to you start […]