Featured Artist Spotlight

From her early days learning the ropes at Humber College to flourishing as a branding photography specialist in Toronto, Emily Bruno has carved out a niche in the creative industry that reflects both her skill and her passion for uplifting others. Her journey in photography began over seven years ago but took a professional turn 2.5 years ago when she transitioned to freelancing full-time, leveraging her extensive hands-on experience gained during four and a half fruitful years at Henry’s Camera. “Working at Henry’s not only provided me with hands-on experience […]

Photographs compliments of Ryan Bolton (Instagram) – (website) In the heart of every small town lies a story waiting to be told, and for one man from Hanover – Ryan Bolton, his professional photographer journey began amidst the serene cornfields on the way to Kincardine or Owen Sound. Today, Ryan has traversed the globe, from the refugee camps of Sierra Leone and Liberia to the vibrant streets of Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Vietnam, capturing life’s profound moments through the lens of his camera. This is the story of Ryan […]

Celebrating International Women’s Day Female Creators On International Women’s Day, Henry’s Cameras is proud to spotlight the diverse and inspiring stories of female creators who are shaping the landscape of photography, videography, and digital content. From the heart of Toronto to the scenic vistas of British Columbia, these women bring passion, expertise, and a unique perspective to their craft, empowering others through their artistry and vision. Here are some incredible female content creators, photographers, videographers, writers, directors and more – they are all Henry’s Featured Artists: Christie Fitzpatrick Film Photographer […]

In honour of Black History Month, Henry’s Cameras proudly presents a vivid showcase of the extraordinary talent and creativity of Black artists and creators who have significantly enriched our artistic landscape in 2023. This blog is a tribute to their ingenuity, resilience, and unparalleled contributions to the arts. Each artist featured here brings a unique perspective, blending their cultural heritage with contemporary themes to create impactful and inspiring works. Join us as we journey through the vibrant and dynamic world of these remarkable individuals, whose visual narratives not only challenge […]