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Celebrating International Women’s Day Female Creators

On International Women’s Day, Henry’s Cameras is proud to spotlight the diverse and inspiring stories of female creators who are shaping the landscape of photography, videography, and digital content. From the heart of Toronto to the scenic vistas of British Columbia, these women bring passion, expertise, and a unique perspective to their craft, empowering others through their artistry and vision.

Here are some incredible female content creators, photographers, videographers, writers, directors and more – they are all Henry’s Featured Artists:

Christie Fitzpatrick

Film Photographer & Writer
Instagram: @gnarstie

International Women's Day - Henry's Creators: Christie Fitzpatrick

Christie Fitzpatrick embodies the spirit of Whistler, British Columbia, through her evocative film photography and expressive writing. In a world where the digital often overshadows the analog, Christie’s work stands as a testament to the enduring charm of film. Her images, rich with the textures of life and the landscapes of her mountainous home, convey stories that transcend words, capturing moments of serene beauty and rugged wilderness. Christie’s narrative prowess extends beyond the visual, as her writing weaves tales that resonate with the heartbeats of her adventurous subjects and the rhythmic whispers of nature.

Away from her desk, Christie is as much a creator as she is an explorer; her next journey is always just a snapshot away. Whether she’s fine-tuning the robust flavours of her latest espresso creation or traversing the vast terrains with her trusted cameras, she is constantly pushing boundaries. Each frame shot and line penned is an invitation to experience the world through her eyes—a blend of wanderlust, artistic passion, and the relentless pursuit of the stories that await in the wild, waiting to be told through the click of a shutter and the stroke of a pen.

Sydney Rey

Freelance Journalist, Copywriter & Freelance Model
Instagram: @sydmrey
X: @sydmrey

International Women's Day - Henry's Creators: Sydney Rey

Sydney Rey is a dynamic creative whose diverse talents all stem from a single source: her love for narrative craftsmanship. This passion has naturally led her down the path to journalism. Her fervor for exploration has kindled an affinity for creative writing and the art of journalistic storytelling. Her bylines have graced the pages of esteemed publications such as Complex Canada, MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Lifestyle, and ByBlacks, among others.

Fuelled by a lifelong zeal for fashion, Sydney has delved into modelling, collaborating with numerous brands to manifest their vision. Her portfolio boasts partnerships with an array of esteemed names, including Footlocker Canada, Mackage, UGG Canada, BMW Canada, Real Sports Apparel, Rude Vogue, Adidas, Ciroc, Get Fresh Company, and DSW Canada, accentuating her versatility and commitment to the fashion industry.

Explore more of her work at www.sydmrey.com.

Chrris Low

Director, Editor & Photographer
Instagram: @chrrislowe

International Women's Day - Henry's Creators: Chrris Lowe

Chrris Lowe stands out in the Toronto creative scene as a Director, Editor, and Photographer whose branded documentaries are acclaimed for their compelling visuals and authentic narrative depth. Her approach is driven by an innate curiosity, delving into the depths of human stories with a distinctive documentary flair that’s adaptable across various media from commercial to editorial and beyond. Her expertise spans photography, filmmaking, and incisive interviewing, all converging to create vivid portrayals of life that resonate with honesty and engagement.

Her work not only captures the essence of her subjects but also invites the audience into a space of active engagement, sparking a sense of empowerment to question and discover more on their own. Chrris’s ability to evoke a sense of raw, immersive storytelling makes her a conduit for genuine human experiences, leaving an indelible mark on viewers who are encouraged to embark on their journeys of exploration.

Discover her portfolio at www.chrris-lowe.com.

Rekha Thayaparan

Optometrist & Digital Creator
Instagram: @dr.rekhathaya
TikTok: @rekhathaya

International Women's Day - Henry's Creators: Dr. Rekha Thayaparan

Dr. Rekha Thaya, an enthusiastic Optometrist and digital creator, introduces a unique blend where professional eye care meets the zest of lifestyle inspiration. In the vibrant intersection of vision and daily living, she crafts a narrative that celebrates the clarity of sight as a cornerstone of experiencing life’s beauty. As a healthcare professional, her dedication extends beyond the clinic; she aims to embolden individuals to value their vision and put their ocular health at the forefront, sharing her knowledge to enhance lives.

Through the lens of social media and the power of storytelling, Dr. Thaya brings the essence of eye care into the everyday fabric of life. She offers insights that go from maintaining robust vision to holistic self-care practices, all designed to uplift and educate. Her commitment is to enrich your digital experience with content that not only informs but also delights, encouraging a lifestyle that fully appreciates the spectrum of choices and experiences enabled by healthy vision.

Kaya Marriott

Content Creator
Instagram: @comfygirlcurls

International Women's Day - Henry's Creators: Kaya Marriott

Kaya Marriott, a creative force from Vancouver, commenced her digital voyage with a blog dedicated to natural hair. This initial endeavour blossomed, embracing lifestyle and beauty, and flourished into a full-time engagement, cementing Kaya’s status as a trusted voice in content creation. Her partnerships with celebrated brands testify to her expansive influence and her adeptness in the digital realm. In a move to further her impact, 2022 marked the debut of “Creating with Kaya,” an online platform designed to mentor and propel budding content creators into the monetizing sphere of their online presence.

Her dual platforms, Comfy Girl With Curls and Creating with Kaya, serve as the digital crossroads where education meets inspiration. With a mission to guide and nurture the next generation of digital entrepreneurs, Kaya’s expertise now fuels a community eager to carve out their space in the vast digital landscape. Through her guidance, aspirants are not only learning to navigate the complexities of content creation but are also being equipped to transform their digital endeavours into lucrative ventures.

Learn more about Kaya by visiting these two websites:

Keesha Chung

Filmmaker & Multiplatform Storyteller
Instagram: @keeshachung

International Women's Day - Henry's Creators: Keesha Chung

Keesha Chung stands as a beacon of creativity and storytelling, wielding her talents across multiple platforms as a filmmaker and writer. She’s the creative force behind the award-winning short film “grey area,” showcasing her prowess in writing, directing, and producing. Keesha’s versatility shines through her work both in front of the camera and behind the scenes, navigating the realms of corporate media and carving out a distinct space as an independent artist.

Collaborating with giants like Bell Media, VICE, and Nike, as well as institutions like the National Screen Institute, Keesha brings a wealth of experience from screen-based media, event production, hosting, and modelling. Her work is a crusade against conventional representation, driven by a mission to elevate marginalized voices through innovative storytelling. To witness the impact of her cinematic storytelling, visit greyareamovie.com and dive into the world of “grey area.”

Pam Lau

Photographer, Director & Educator
Instagram: @pamelaloud
X: @pamlau

International Women's Day - Henry's Creators: Pam Lau

Pam Lau is an accomplished photographer, director, and educator, carving out a significant presence in Toronto and Montréal’s vibrant creative scenes. Her work has garnered recognition, notably the Applied Arts Young Blood Photography Award, and she has been spotlighted in 500px’s Asian Heritage Month feature, marking her as a photographer to watch. Pam’s dedication to her craft extends beyond her lens; she is the co-founder of Ecru, an educational initiative aimed at dismantling cultural, financial, and institutional barriers that aspiring creatives encounter.

Her portfolio boasts an impressive clientele, including PUMA, American Express, General Motors, Microsoft, Shopify, and Refinery29, highlighting her versatility and impact in the creative industry. Beyond her personal and professional achievements, Pam is a passionate ambassador for Canon Canada, reflecting her commitment to the photography community and the power of visual storytelling. Her journey and work underscore the importance of accessibility and representation within the creative industries.

Visit pamlau.com to explore and learn more.

Kate Whyte

Award-Winning Commercial Photographer, Canon Ambassador & Profoto Shaper of Light
Instagram: @katewhytephoto

International Women's Day - Henry's Creators: Kate Whyte

Kate Whyte distinguishes herself in the world of commercial photography, is celebrated with awards and is recognized as a Canon Ambassador and a Profoto Shaper of Light. With a rich tapestry of experience spanning over 15 years, her portfolio is a testament to her prowess, featuring work for illustrious brands such as Netflix, Tom Ford, Coach, and Nars, as well as a variety of esteemed local and international personalities. Her photographic genius is matched by her creativity off-camera, where she dedicates time to crafting props for upcoming shoots and channelling her artistry through illustrations on her iPad.

Visit katewhyte.com to explore Kate’s portfolio.

Jemilla Mills-Smith

Creator, Copywriter & Actor
Instagram: @jemillajems
TikTok: @jemillajems

International Women's Day - Henry's Creators: Jemilla Mills-Smith

Jemilla Mills-Smith is the quintessence of a multimedia storyteller hailing from the bustling cityscape of Toronto, Ontario. As a versatile content creator and copywriter, her digital footprint is a mosaic of weekend escapades, heartfelt reviews, and the best culinary haunts Toronto has to offer. Jemilla’s days are a blend of narrative artistry for Dentsu Creative, where she crafts compelling copy for global brands, and entrepreneurship through her venture, Storytella Studios™, where she empowers businesses and individuals with her distinctive brand of strategic storytelling.

In the realm of acting, Jemilla is a rising star, frequently stepping into the spotlight for TV and film auditions and shining in roles like her recent performance in an Online Insurance commercial. Her creative toolkit includes the trusty Canon Rebel T5i DSLR, a cherished gift that’s been her visual ally since 2016, alongside the modern touch of her iPhone 13. Keep your eyes peeled for Jemilla’s next scene-stealing appearance, as she continues to weave her narrative magic both on and off screen.

Tatiyanna Williams-Britton

Brand Photographer & Videographer (TrueCreates)
Instagram: @truecreates

International Women's Day - Henry's Creators: Tatiyanna Williams-Britton (TruCreates)

Tatiyanna, widely recognized as Tru, is the creative force behind TruCreates and stands at the forefront of brand photography and videography in Toronto. Over the past six years, she has honed her skills across a dynamic range of sectors including branding, fashion, sports, and beauty. Embracing her initial discomfort in front of the camera, she now channels her expertise into empowering entrepreneurs and independent professionals to present their most authentic selves visually. Tru’s craft transcends mere imagery, offering audiences a narrative immersion into the subjects she portrays. Her collaborative ventures span high-profile names like Nike and Shiseido to cherished local enterprises, reflecting her commitment to community through the arts.

Looking ahead, Tru’s vision is set to expand beyond the digital, with the launch of Loftish Studio poised for early 2024. This new endeavour will offer a tangible, creative sanctuary where artists and creators can gather and collaborate within an industrial studio and event space. Tru’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of visual storytelling and her dedication to fostering a space where creativity can flourish.

Explore her portfolio and upcoming projects at www.trucreates.com.


Beauty & Lifestyle Content Creator
Instagram: @segenmisghina
TikTok: @segenmisghina
YouTube: @segenmisghina

International Women's Day - Henry's Creators: Segen

Segen is a vibrant torchbearer in the beauty and lifestyle realm, enchanting her Toronto audience with an ebullient passion that’s as palpable as it is inspiring. As an Eritrean-Canadian content creator, she infuses each piece of content with her unique zest, guiding viewers through the vast world of beauty with advice that is as fresh as it is enlightening. Segen’s commitment goes beyond superficial allure; she’s on a mission to help her followers radiate confidence and showcase their natural beauty to the fullest.

Beyond mere tutorials and reviews, Segen is the architect of a digital sanctuary where camaraderie and self-assurance bloom. She doesn’t just share beauty hacks; she nurtures a community grounded in support and mutual upliftment. Here, in Segen’s corner of the internet, everyone finds a welcoming space to learn, grow, and celebrate their individual beauty, inside and out.

Jennifer Bernard

Portrait Photographer
Instagram: @jenbernardphoto

International Women's Day - Henry's Creators: Jenn Bernard Photography

Jen Bernard’s photography, emanating from the heart of Ottawa, captures the essence of portraiture through a lens that brings depth and drama to light. Her distinctive style is characterized by a rich interplay of shadows and hues, crafting images that do more than depict; they narrate the silent tales etched in the visages of her subjects.

A graduate in Social Work from Carleton University and a seasoned social worker, Jen’s profound ability to connect and communicate finds its parallel in her photography, where each snapshot is laden with raw emotion and vivid character. Drawing from her roots in music photography, her current portfolio is a tribute to the vibrant influence of live music and the nocturnal world, leaving an indelible mark on her artistic expression.

Alvi Martin & Matea Subasic | Pandosy Creative Agency

Creative Agency, Commercial Photography, Cinematography
Instagram: @pandosyco

International Women's Day - Henry's Creators: Alvi Martin & Matea Subasic from Pandosy Creative Agency

Pandosy Creative Agency, crafted by Matea Subasic and Alvi Martin, revolutionizes content creation for advertising and social media with its distinct flair. Their productions stand out with a hands-on, emotive approach that leaves a lasting impact. While they’re not innovating in the studio, they’re likely soaking up Vancouver’s vibrant dining scene for inspiration.

Alvi’s background in marketing melds with Matea’s artistic versatility, culminating in their co-founded agency. Alvi’s journey from business graduate to commercial photographer, and Matea’s evolution from creative student to skilled cinematographer, showcase their blend of creative and business acumen, driving Pandosy’s success.

Explore the Pandosy Co Website pandosy.co.

Bhumika Mehta | The Writer Eats

Freelance Cinematographer & Video Producer
Instagram: @thewritereats

International Women's Day - Henry's Creators: Bhumika Mehta - The Writer Eats

Bhumika, the creative force behind The Writer Eats, combines her passion for food with her marketing acumen to produce engaging content for vegan and cruelty-free brands. Originating from India, raised in Dubai, and now settled in Canada, her journey has been as rich and diverse as the cuisines she explores. Bhumika’s venture into food photography and videography was born from a personal challenge with food and body image, transforming her struggle into a source of inspiration and connection for her audience.

Now, she harnesses her marketing background to craft compelling visual stories for brands, helping them stand out in a saturated market. Her work not only showcases products in their best light but also entices customers to experience them, thereby driving business growth. Bhumika’s success with various brands across North America is a testament to her ability to turn a personal passion into a thriving business that supports and uplifts others in the food industry.

Enjoy content from Bhumika at The Writer Eats Website.

Sham Waran

Mother, Business Woman, Creator
Instagram: @sham.waran
TikTok: @sham.waran

International Women's Day - Henry's Creators: Sham Waran

Sham Waran is a mother, businesswoman and a creator. Her business is intimately woven into the narrative of her life’s experiences, forming the lens that she brings, fuelling her passion for building Sham Waran Luxury Hair Collection. Sham Waran Luxury Hair Collection is a luxury hair enhancement company that addresses the hair care needs of people that struggle with hair loss, whether from cancer, alopecia or other causes. In addition, the journey of being a daughter, wife, and mother has defined the ways in which Sham’s labour – and women’s labour in general – is understood as a journey that identifies the ways in which women exist and carve out our career paths.

Follow along with Sham Waran by visiting her website shamwaran.com.

Dana Castro

Instagram: @threecrownsbranding

International Women's Day - Henry's Creators: Dana Castro

Dana Castro is a photographer specializing in branding and headshots based outside of Toronto. She is a Nikon lover and mom of 2 young boys. Dana loves connecting with her clients and getting them out of their comfort zone and in front of their ideal audience with bright and fresh images that tell a story about the person behind the business. Entrepreneurs are her niche and she is passionate about finding new ways to capture the spirit of her amazing and talented clients.

Visit Dana’s website Three Crowns Studio to learn more!

Anoshinie Muhundarajah

Choreographer, Dancer, & Movement Coach
Instagram: @anoshinie
YouTube: @AnoshinieM

International Women's Day - Henry's Creators: Anoshinie

Anoshinie is a Toronto-born Choreographer, Dancer, and Movement Coach. She is known for the way she captivates the audience through her creativity, musicality, and storytelling through movement. Anoshinie’s training began at 5 years old with Bharatanatyam and continued on to explore and train in Bollywood, Street Styles, Heels, and Jazz Funk. This opened up her world to fuse her South Asian dance with Western movement, creating her own niche. As her expertise was being noticed across the globe, Anoshinie was invited to choreograph, teach, and judge worldwide. Her passion has made her an advocate for using the arts as a platform to connect with people while inspiring and empowering communities globally. She is a visionary and at the end of the day, all she wants to do is make you feel!

Anoshinie’s credits include: The Juno Awards, Run the Burbs, Sneakerella, The Next Step, Reitmans, The Parker Andersons, BollyWed, Canada’s Got Talent 2015, International Indian Film Awards (IIFA), AR.Rahman All Access Tour, Lilly Singh World Tour, Nordic’s Dance Festival, Calgary Stampede, Avan Jogia, Raptors Half-Time Show, Pan-am Closing Ceremony, and TedX Talk.

Nicole Shapiro

Freelance Cinematographer & Video Producer
Instagram: @nshaps
YouTube: @nshaps

International Women's Day - Henry's Creators: Nicole Shapiro

Nicole Shapiro is a freelance cinematographer and video producer under her company NSHAPS Productions, based in Toronto, Canada. Some of her achievements include producing an international campaign for Native Instruments, producing a national campaign for Bulk Barn and YMCA, and production managing for a national Nobis campaign featuring Simu Liu. Behind the lens she has created commercial spots for clients such as OLG, Mazda & adidas. She graduated with a Kinesiology degree in 2019 from Laurier University, and has since pivoted into film and uses this sport background to further her creativity and leadership. From pre-production all the way to final delivery of projects and campaigns, she’s known for her attention to detail and “outside-the-box” thinking. She makes it a priority to create a space that fosters good energy and communication for successful productions.

On this International Women’s Day, we not only celebrate the achievements of these remarkable artists but also the countless women who push boundaries and inspire change through their creative work. They remind us that the lens through which we view the world can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and that every story told is a step toward a more inclusive and diverse narrative.

Discover more about these featured artists and their work by visiting Henry’s Cameras, where we continue to support and elevate the voices of female creators not just on International Women’s Day, but every day.

By highlighting these talented individuals, we hope to inspire a new generation of female photographers and digital creators to pick up their cameras and tell their own stories. Their work not only captures the world around us but also shapes it, illustrating the power of perspective and the importance of representation in the arts. Join us in this celebration of creativity and vision, and let’s continue to support women in their pursuit of artistic excellence.

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