Black History Month Creators and Artists

In honour of Black History Month, Henry’s Cameras proudly presents a vivid showcase of the extraordinary talent and creativity of Black artists and creators who have significantly enriched our artistic landscape in 2023.

This blog is a tribute to their ingenuity, resilience, and unparalleled contributions to the arts. Each artist featured here brings a unique perspective, blending their cultural heritage with contemporary themes to create impactful and inspiring works.

Join us as we journey through the vibrant and dynamic world of these remarkable individuals, whose visual narratives not only challenge the norms but also paint a picture of a richly diverse and evolving artistic community.

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Sydney Ray (aka. Syd Ray)

Freelancer, Jouranlist, Copywriter, Freelance Model

Instagram: @sydmrey
X: @sydmrey

Sydney Rey is a multifaceted creative who carries a variety of skills under one umbrella. Her skill sets embrace her passion for storytelling which has stirred her towards a career in journalism. Her penchant for traveling has helped fuel her love for creative writing and journalistic expression. She’s worked with Complex Canada, MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Lifestyle, ByBlacks and many more.

A lifelong interest in fashion has encouraged her to explore opportunities in modeling and work with many brands to bring their creative direction to life. She’s worked with various brands such as: Footlocker Canada, Mackage, UGG Canada, BMW Canada, Real Sports Apparel, Rude Vogue, Adidas, Ciroc, Get Fresh Company, DSW Canada and more.

Chrris Lowe

Director, Editor and Photographer

Instagram: @chrrislowe

Black History Month Creator - Chrris Lowe

Chrris Lowe is a Toronto-based Director, Editor and Photographer with a focus on branded documentaries that are both visually driven and injected with deep authenticity. Her stories, both film and photo, are curiosity led and explore humanity in a way that leans into a distinct documentary style of storytelling that can be adapted to any project be that commercial, music video, editorial and everything In between.

Chrris uses her varied experience in photography, filmmaking and interviewing to craft striking worlds that intentionally explore the human experience in a way that feels raw, engaging and honest. She leaves viewers feeling empowered to ask more questions and do further exploration on their own.

O’shane Howard

Commercial Photographer and Director

Instagram: @oshane.howard
X: @oshanehoward

Black History Month Creator - O'shane Howard

O’shane Howard is a Commercial Photographer and Director based in Toronto. His early experience in the industry as a model introduced him to various creative roles, leading into photography & video editing before taking a leap of faith into full-time shooting, devoting himself entirely to building connections and establishing his unique perspective.

O’shane prioritizes emotion and culture in his imagery, often evoking solid sentiments that resonate, leaving the viewer wanting to learn more. O’shane has been featured by Love Magazine in ‘9 Black Photographers You Need To Know Now’ and by BuzzFeed as one of ‘27 Black Canadians You Should Be Following On Social Media’. His work has appeared in publications such as, Vogue Italia, CNN Africa, CBC Life Fashion Magazine.

Jemilla Mills-Smith (aka. Jems)

Creator, Copywriter and Actor

Instagram: @jemillajems
TikTok: @jemillajems

Black History Month Creator - Jemilla Mills-Smith aka. Jems

Jemilla Mills-Smith is a content creator, copywriter, and actor from Toronto, Ontario. On social media, she shares her weekend adventures and reviews while trying fun things to do and places to eat and drink in Toronto. From early morning to late at night, she works as a copywriter for international creative agency Dentsu Creative and freelances for her small business Storytella Studios™.

She uses strategic storytelling as her secret weapon to help big brands like Manulife & everyday entrepreneurs stand out, connect to their clients, and sell. On her off-time, she auditions for TV and Film, and recently starred in a 15-second spot for Online Insurance — so keep an eye out for her on the next commercial break! Jemilla uses a Canon Rebel T5i DSLR that her friend gifted to her back in 2016, and her iPhone 13.

Tatiyanna Williams-Britton (aka. TrueCreates)

Brand Photographer and Videographer

Instagram: @trucreates
TikTok: @truthecreator

Black History Month Creator - Tityanna Williams-Britton aka. TrueCreates

Tatiyanna (also known as Tru) is a brand photographer and videographer based in Toronto and the founder of TruCreates. As a hybrid shooter, she developed her photography and videography skills in the industries of branding, fashion, sports and beauty over the last 6 years. As someone who used to be uncomfortable in front of a camera, she focused her efforts on helping entrepreneurs and freelancers show up authentically through visual content.

Her work captures the essence of her subject, evoking a point-of-view experience for viewers. She has worked with Nike, Shiseido, Cleo and Curls but also loves working with local businesses and takes pride in using her creativity to build her community. She continues to empower others through her visual art but will also take her talents to a physical space with new venture Loftish Studio, an industrial studio and event space for creatives, opening in early 2024.

Keesha Chung

Filmmaker and Multiplatform Storyteller

Instagram: @keeshachung

Black History Month Creator - Keesha Chung

Keesha Chung is a filmmaker and multiplatform storyteller. She is the writer, director, and producer of the award-winning short film, grey area. As a multiplatform storyteller, Keesha has worked in front and behind the camera in corporate media and as an independent artist.

She has worked with Bell Media, VICE, Nike, Sephora, National Screen Institute, TSN, and Scarborough Pictures. Her background in screen-based media, event production, hosting, and modelling has given her the skills to collaborate with artists across disciplines. Regardless of the project, Keesha’s work is informed by her desire to disrupt representation politics and create new ways to amplify marginalized voices.

Head to to learn more about her film grey area!

Kaya Marriott

Content Creator

Instagram: @comfygirlcurls
Instagram: @creatingwithkaya

Black History Month - Content Creator Kaya Marriott

Kaya Marriott is a Vancouver-based creator who began her journey in 2016 with a natural hair blog. Her platform has since expanded to include lifestyle and beauty content, which enabled her to partner with renowned brands and take content creation full time.

In 2022, Kaya launched her second online presence, Creating with Kaya to help educate and empower aspiring content creators looking to monetize their digital footprint.


Beauty and Lifestyle Content Creator

Instagram: @segenmisghina
TikTok: @segenmisghina
YouTube: @segenmisghina


Meet Segen, the Eritrean-Canadian beauty and lifestyle content creator based in Toronto. With her infectious energy and passion for all things beauty, Segen is dedicated to providing her audience with the freshest and most informative content to help them look and feel their best.

Whether it’s through her step-by-step tutorials or honest product reviews, Segen strives to empower her followers and inspire them to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. But it’s not just about the beauty tips and tricks – Segen also fosters a tight-knit community of engagement and connection where everyone is welcome.

In celebration of Black History month, we reflect on the profound impact and the vibrant creativity of the Black artists and creators we’ve had the privilege to feature. Their work transcends mere aesthetics, embodying a powerful narrative of cultural identity, resilience, and visionary artistry.

At Henry’s Cameras, we are honoured to have shared their stories and artworks, hoping they have inspired you as much as they have inspired us. Let’s carry the spirit of this celebration beyond just this month, continuing to support and uplift the voices of Black artists in our communities.

Their contributions are not just a part of Black history, but an integral part of our collective human history and future. Thank you for joining us in this journey of appreciation and discovery.

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