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In the heart of every small town lies a story waiting to be told, and for one man from Hanover – Ryan Bolton, his professional photographer journey began amidst the serene cornfields on the way to Kincardine or Owen Sound.

Today, Ryan has traversed the globe, from the refugee camps of Sierra Leone and Liberia to the vibrant streets of Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Vietnam, capturing life’s profound moments through the lens of his camera.

This is the story of Ryan Bolton, a man whose passion for storytelling has evolved from written words to the compelling imagery of professional photography.

A Life-Changing Experience in Ghana

Ryan Bolton Photography - The school kids of Lesotho, a small landlocked country inside South Africa. 2018.
<span style=text decoration underline><em>The school kids of Lesotho a small landlocked country inside South Africa 2018<em><span>

Ryan’s foray into photography was not planned but emerged from a necessity to complement his stories with visuals while working as a journalist trainer in a refugee camp.

Armed with an Olympus point-and-shoot camera, a gift from his grandmother, Ryan began documenting the resilience and spirit of the human condition.

This experience, coupled with his work for Journalists for Human Rights, profoundly impacted Ryan, steering his career towards a path where his camera became his most trusted tool for connection.

A Decade of Creative Impact

Ryan Bolton Photography -  Australian Home & Garden 4-page spread about Cappadocia Turkey

Following his stint in Ghana, Ryan spent ten years in the creative agency world, directing communications and honing his skills in writing, photography, podcasts, and video production.

His love for photography, however, quietly burgeoned into a full-blown passion, leading him to big photo gigs that eventually saw him leaving his agency job in 2018.

That year marked a significant turning point: buying a house in Toronto, welcoming his first child, and embarking on a full-time career as a professional photographer.

The Evolution of His Gear

Ryan’s photographic journey began with a humble Olympus point-and-shoot and later a Canon Rebel, which he pushed to its limits.

The game-changer was a used Canon 5D Mark II, which opened his eyes to the wonders of full-frame photography.

Today, Ryan’s go-to gear is a testament to his growth and dedication to his craft, with a Canon 5D Mark IV at the helm and a collection of Sigma Art and Canon lenses that capture the world in its vibrant, variegated essence.

Must-Have Accessories for the Perfect Shot

Ryan Bolton - A framed Milky Way photo shot in the Maasai Mara in Kenya.
<em>A framed Milky Way photo shot in the Maasai Mara in Kenya<em>

Beyond his camera and lenses, Ryan emphasizes the importance of a solid Manfrotto tripod for long exposures, a creative glass diopter, the reliable Godox V1 flash, and durable Lowepro bags for his travel and on-location shoots.

These accessories, alongside his anticipation for the Canon R5 Mark II, underline his continuous pursuit of excellence in photography.

Memorable Encounters and Distinctive Style

Among the myriad of unforgettable experiences, Ryan’s journey through the Atlas Mountains with a nomadic Berber family stands out, highlighting his adventurous spirit and ability to immerse himself in the world’s hidden corners.

His distinctive style—vibrant, versatile, and deeply personal—reflects his philosophy that photography is not just about capturing moments but about sharing perspectives and stories that resonate.

Life Beyond the Lens

When not behind the camera, Ryan finds joy in the simplicity of life, from chasing after his two young boys to exploring Toronto for new photo spots and nurturing the next generation of photographers at his Junction studio, STUDIO 201.

His work and adventures can be followed on his website and Instagram, inviting us all to see the world through his eyes.

Ryan Bolton’s journey from a small-town boy to a professional photographer underscores the power of passion and the profound impact of storytelling through photography.

His work not only captures the essence of his subjects but also inspires others to explore the world with curiosity and wonder.

Visit Ryan Bolton’s website to explore his portfolio and follow his journey on Instagram @ryanbolton for a daily dose of inspiration.

In crafting this blog for Henry’s Cameras, we celebrate the art of photography and the inspiring journey of photographers like Ryan Bolton.

His story is a testament to the transformative power of following one’s passion and the endless possibilities that photography offers for capturing the beauty and complexity of our world.

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