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In the world of travel and street photography, having the right camera accessories will not only enhance your photography experience but also ensure that you capture stunning shots in any environment. 

After three weeks of trekking bags of gear on no less than 17 flights across nine cities, Henry’s camera expert, Gajan Balan, came to realize there are only a handful of items that are ‘must-haves’ for travel and street photographers. In this article, he highlights the three indispensable lightweight and easy-to-carry accessories for travel photographers.

1. Cleaning Kit

A simple cleaning kit is the first must-have item for travel photographers. Many photographers overlook the importance of a cleaning kit, but it is a small investment that can significantly improve your photography experience.

In situations where you have dust, rain, or dirt flung in your direction, a quick cleaning of the front element of your camera will ensure that you can continue shooting without worrying about unwanted blotches or even completely ruining your shots. Having a cleaning kit that includes a cleaning solution, a cleaning cloth, and a blower readily available allows you to shoot without hesitation in any environment. 

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2. Dream Lens

The biggest dictator of great travel photography is not the camera, it’s a great lens. When you’re out in remote places and have chance encounters, you want to make sure that you get the best result possible, and having the right lens makes all the difference. 

Whether it’s a 2835 lens, 50-millimeter prime lens, or even a versatile 24-70mm equivalent, find a lens that can cover 80-90% of what you capture that’s portable enough that you can take it with you everywhere without weighing you down. It’s worthwhile to save up for or finance your dream lens that you can use for decades. It’s not something that you have to buy and replace or slowly upgrade in increments. 

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3. Variable ND Filter

A good quality variable ND filter is another must-have item for travel photographers because you don’t want to be sitting around just waiting for good light. You also want to make sure that you retain as much creative control over your shutter speed and your aperture. 

Having a variable ND filter artificially reduces the amount of light that’s coming into your camera allowing you to use any aperture or shutter speed for the photograph you’re going for, empowering you to create stunning images in various lighting situations. 

For example, if it’s really bright outside and you don’t have this filter, you may have to increase your shutter speed or close down your aperture to capture a photo in bright light, which compromises the creative look you are aiming for. If you want a lot of depth of field or if you want a little bit of motion blur, that is out of your control without this filter.

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Additional Essential: Storage and Backup Solution 

One more accessory I would squeeze in as a travel photography essential is additional storage that acts as your backup solution. Whether it’s a traditional hard drive (HD), memory card, or other memory backup device like a solid-state drive (SSD), having a storage and backup system with you is crucial. Storing your photographs on your laptop and in a secondary location while you’re on your trip ensures redundancy and protection against potential catastrophes or data loss. 

By incorporating these must-have items into your photography kit, you’ll be better equipped to capture breathtaking moments during your travel and street photography adventures. Remember, it’s not just about the camera, but also the accessories that enable you to push the boundaries of your creativity. 

If you have any more questions or want more recommendations, go to Henry’ and check out the live chat where you can speak to an expert and build out your kit for your next adventure.

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