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DIY Creator Station

Since the dawn of time, there has been one issue plaguing creatives of all kinds: remembering where you left that thing that you need. Along with that, charging batteries, storing cables, and having the right tape on hand can be added to the list. Here is a look at how you can build a personal creator station for your home office or studio.

When on set for a shoot, there’s a little secret weapon I always like to have on hand with me – a light meter. You may be asking, ‘Why on earth would I want to use a light meter when my camera already has a light meter?’ Well, the difference here is that a camera measures reflective light while the light meter measures the light hitting your subject. Using a dedicated light meter allows you to take a reading off your subject, and with that allows for a more accurate […]

Manufacturers make a big deal about having video support in their newer DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras, but the uptake remains pretty low. Many folks use action cameras and smartphones for video regularly because they are incredibly easy to use. Let’s take a look at how to get started shooting video with your camera instead; you’ll be happier with the quality and surprised at how easy it is.

Custom Shortcuts on Sony Alpha a7 III

We don’t often think about a camera’s on-board menu structure until after we’ve made our decision — or until we start shooting! But how a menu is laid out, how intuitive the screens are to navigate and how easy the settings are to understand can make a huge difference in how we go about shooting. Using Custom Buttons & Keys As part of your camera’s menu system, you should have access to settings for customizable buttons and keys. These programmable keys allow you to set your most frequently accessed functions […]

Family Portrait at Home

When trying out activities mentioned in this article, please follow COVID-19 guidelines and directives for your area. As any holiday approaches, the demand for family and children’s portraits for gifts and memories goes sky high. Many families look to get info on their local photographers so they hire the best one available. Oftentimes, if you are the person with a “good camera”, you are called upon to be the photographer making these images. Let’s explore what you need to make nice looking family portraits at home, without spending yourself into […]

What is Fill Flash?

For many photographers, flash is a “no go” zone. It’s unfortunate because flash can make a real difference in your images and isn’t complex.

From full auto to full manual, most cameras offer us a choice of mode operations. We’ll take a look at Program and Aperture Priority modes because they can automatically yield the magic of TTL Fill Flash.