Nikon may have just released their most interesting camera to date. Nikon Z fc is an APS-C camera that features some of the best technology the company has to offer in a classic design inspired by their analog history.

While some may have a fool-proof method to editing their images, many of us still face challenges on how exactly to edit a RAW file. Where should I begin? How much editing should I do? What should the order of my process look like? In this video, Gajan walks through an easy-to-remember, 4-step method to editing RAW images. Check out the video to get started!

DIY Creator Station

Since the dawn of time, there has been one issue plaguing creatives of all kinds: remembering where you left that thing that you need. Along with that, charging batteries, storing cables, and having the right tape on hand can be added to the list. Here is a look at how you can build a personal creator station for your home office or studio.