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From her early days learning the ropes at Humber College to flourishing as a branding photography specialist in Toronto, Emily Bruno has carved out a niche in the creative industry that reflects both her skill and her passion for uplifting others. Her journey in photography began over seven years ago but took a professional turn 2.5 years ago when she transitioned to freelancing full-time, leveraging her extensive hands-on experience gained during four and a half fruitful years at Henry’s Camera.

“Working at Henry’s not only provided me with hands-on experience with a wide range of camera gear and accessories but also allowed me to interact with photography enthusiasts and professionals”.

Foundations in Photography

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Emily’s fascination with photography sparked early in life, initially piqued by her family’s video camera, which she was always keen to experiment with. Her true introduction to the craft, however, came through a family friend who opened her eyes to the possibilities of photography when she was just 11 years old. Driven by this newfound passion, Emily began saving every bit of birthday money, eventually purchasing her very first camera, the Nikon D3200. This marked the beginning of a journey that saw her gear evolve over the years to include more advanced models like the Nikon D610 and D850, enabling her to expand her creative boundaries and professional capabilities.

Business and Vision

About Emily Bruno Photography

Today, Emily runs her own business focused on helping entrepreneurs in Toronto showcase their unique brand identities. She delves deep into understanding her clients’ visions, which she adeptly translates into compelling visual stories.

“As a branding photographer based in Toronto, my business is dedicated to serving entrepreneurs to showcase their unique brand identities. I get to work closely with clients to understand their creative vision and capture the essence of their brand. Whether it’s through compelling headshots that convey professionalism and personality, lifestyle imagery that tells a story and resonates with the target audience, or producing high-quality product photography that highlights the quality and value of their product, I thrive on bringing my clients’ passions and goals to life”.

Gear and Essentials

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Emily’s current go-to setup includes the versatile Nikon Z6II, perfect for both stills and video. Her favourite lenses—the Nikkor 35mm 1.8 and the Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8—are complemented by the Nikkor 70-200mm 2.8, known for its stunning bokeh effect in portraits. Essential to her kit are various Peak Design accessories, a reflector, tether cable, extra batteries, SD cards, and a cleaning kit—tools that ensure she is prepared for any shooting scenario.

A Memorable Journey

One of Emily’s most memorable professional experiences was travelling to Dhaka, Bangladesh, to work on a master’s documentary about urban development and climate change. This project not only provided her with a new perspective on different lifestyles but also deepened her appreciation for resilience and community strength, influencing her personal and professional philosophy.

“I lived in Dhaka for one month, interviewing professionals, documenting environmental issues the city faces and visiting Kalyanpur slum. I was able to experience a completely different way of living that gave me new perspectives and made me change parts of my lifestyle. I am extremely grateful to have experienced Bangladesh in all its strength and resilience”.

Distinctive Style

Portraiture is where Emily feels most at home, capturing the essence of individuality and personality in every shot. Her distinctive style allows her to portray the inner strength and character of her subjects, often leaving them amazed at their own images. Here’s how Emily describes the impact and fulfillment she derives from her distinctive approach to photography:

“My most distinctive style of photography is definitely portraiture. I really love capturing people’s personalities and individuality. Photographing people also gives me the opportunity to learn about everyone’s unique qualities. My absolutely favourite feedback is when people are truly taken back at how amazing they look and resilient they are when they see their images. It gives me a reminder that I do what I do because I love seeing people see the spark inside themselves”.

Life Beyond the Lens

Emily Bruno - Emily Bruno Photography

Photography is not just about capturing moments; it’s about living them too. Emily Bruno, a vibrant branding photographer from Toronto, understands the importance of balance in life, especially when managing a demanding career. While her professional life is centred around her camera and clients, Emily ensures she remains grounded and healthy through various activities outside of photography. Here’s how she stays active and maintains her well-being when she’s not behind the lens:

“When I’m not taking photos, I’m usually engaged in a variety of activities. Going to the gym is a big part of my routine; I find it essential for both physical health and mental well-being. Playing soccer is another passion of mine. It’s a great way to stay active, socialize, and unwind. Additionally, I enjoy learning about health and fitness.Whether it’s researching new workout routines, exploring nutrition tips, or learning about the fitness industry, I find it very fascinating”.

Connect with Emily Bruno

For a closer look at Emily’s work, follow her on Instagram @embruno_ or visit her website at emilybrunophotography.com to explore her portfolio and perhaps find inspiration for your own branding needs.

Emily Bruno’s story is one of passion, persistence, and the power of photography to transform businesses and lives. Her journey from a retail job at Henry’s to a thriving personal business exemplifies how dedication and love for one’s craft can lead to remarkable success and fulfillment.


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