Sony Alpha A9 Mark III Global Shutter

The Sony Alpha A9 Mark III has redefined the boundaries of photography, introducing the advanced Global Shutter technology in a full-frame format. This innovative feature is set to transform how professional photographers capture high-speed action.

Revolutionary Global Shutter Technology

At the heart of the Sony A9 Mark III lies its state-of-the-art Global Shutter. This technology ensures simultaneous data readout from all pixels of the 24.6-megapixel full-frame sensor. The result? Crisp, distortion-free images of fast-moving subjects, a boon for action and sports photographers.

Cutting-Edge Camera Specifications

The Alpha 9 Mark III boasts a 24.6-megapixel full-frame stacked CMOS sensor, a first in integrating a Global Shutter. The camera’s ability to capture full-resolution images at 120fps, combined with an ultra-fast shutter speed of 1/80,000 second, sets a new standard for high-speed photography.

No Blackout, No Distortion

A standout feature is the camera’s capability to shoot at burst speeds up to 120fps without any blackout or distortion. This function is crucial for capturing fleeting moments in sports, wildlife, and other dynamic photography scenarios.

Ideal for High-Speed Photography

The Sony A9 Mark III is tailor-made for scenarios demanding high-speed capture. Its superior burst speed, coupled with zero blackout and distortion-free imaging, guarantees sharp and clear shots even in the most challenging conditions.

Advanced AI for Autofocus Tracking

Enhancing its high-speed credentials, the Alpha 9 Mark III includes an AI-driven processing unit. This advanced technology predicts and tracks human movement, ensuring precise autofocus in dynamic shooting environments.

The introduction of the Sony Alpha A9 Mark III marks a new chapter in the realm of professional photography. With its groundbreaking Global Shutter technology and unparalleled speed and precision, the camera is an essential tool for photographers who demand the very best in high-speed photography.

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Joe Donoghue


Joe Donoghue