Understanding full frame camera benefits Camera terminology can be intimidating! Many photographers and enthusiasts feel like they need to carry a photography dictionary around with them when they’re just starting out. Familiarity with the terms comes with experience, but one thing every photographer should quickly learn is what a full frame camera is, and the differences between a full frame sensor and a crop sensor. Let’s review the differences, as well as full frame camera benefits, and some options for affordable full frame cameras. What’s the meaning of the phrase […]

What is the best camera for street photography? Life comes at you fast. Capturing life as it happens, in all its beauty and realness and everything in between, is what the best street photographers do. And in order to react quickly, a street shooter needs the right street photography camera. Let’s take a look at what makes great street photography, and what to look for in a good, affordable street photography camera. Street photography is about human moments “Street photography” doesn’t literally mean capturing photos on city streets; street photography […]

With the advent of smartphones, cameras have become a constant presence in our lives. It’s never been easier to capture and share everything from mundane, everyday events to the most special of memories. One area that’s quite obviously felt the smartphone’s impact is travel and vacation photography. The primary reason for this is quite simple: convenience. For many, having a camera combined with their smartphone feels like the easier choice than bringing another camera along with them. But is that smartphone pulling its weight? Is there a better choice for […]

Olympus, an industry innovator, has a track record of creating ground breaking technologies and cameras. While their micro 4/3 system serves as the flagship product line, there is one series of compact camera that paved its own path and created opportunities for memories to be captured in environments that cameras that came before it simply could not survive. This June, Olympus released the 29th addition to its very proud line of tough compact cameras – the TG-6. A Tough Beginning – An Even Tougher Today In a sea of choice, […]

If you were to design a brand-new mirrorless, full-frame camera for 2019, what suite of features would you include? Some would argue to make a real splash in the market, you should look to fit in as many features as possible. Well, that’s what Panasonic did with their new S1R. But is it enough to have all these features? How does this camera perform in a professional environment? These are the questions, along with others, that we looked to answer in our review. Sensor To recap, the Panasonic S1R delivers […]

Whether you’re planning a trip to the sunny south or just a fun weekend adventure a little closer to home, spring is when many Canadians come out of hibernation and rediscover photography.

With the holiday season behind us and everything returning to normal, now is a great time to take a look at your holiday videos and consolidate them into a presentable form that you can share easily, and enjoy for years to come.

Every Hallowe’en, most people pull out their camera. Whether it is at a gathering with friends or taking kids out trick-or-treating, you are bound to see people out there at festive events capturing memories with either their camera or smartphone.