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Vlogging Setup and Tools: which one to pick

Vlogging can be a very time-consuming job, especially when you’re trying to decide what vlogging gear is right for the situation. Whether you’re just starting out with your iPhone, stepping up to a Sony RX100 or armed with a Canon 70D, we can help you pick the right vlogging setup. Here’s the ultimate vlogging guide.

The JOBY GorillaPod has been the go-to flexible tripod for both the beginner and experienced vlogger or YouTuber. This year, the new JOBY Rigs and TelePod series have quickly become a vlogger’s new best friend. Find out why, and more importantly, which vlogging setup is best for you.

TelePods – Lightweight & Versatile Stand, Grip or Stick for vlogging

If you are just taking the plunge into the world of vlogging, you don’t have to invest a ton of money to get started. Holding your phone in your hand does work, but you’ll soon realize the need for more, like a vlogging stick. TelePods & phone stands  provide greater stabilization and extra reach for the ideal selfie shot or the right height to film from a tabletop.


TelePod for Phones

The introduction of the GripTight PRO TelePod, has made it easy for beginners to quickly mount their phone and capture great content. Whether you’re in talking to the camera in selfie mode, sitting at a desk, or capturing timelapse or B-roll to fill out your story, the TelePod can do everything you need. The included GripTight Pro 2 mount even allows you to add arms for a mic or LED to this Telepod.

Mobile Telepod

If you want a great quality, super compact stand and hand grip on a budget, the TelePod Mobile is a great choice. Telepod Mobile is based on Joby’s GripTight ONE Mount, which is spring loaded, fits phones of all sizes and is perfect for quick vlogging setups.

TelePods for Small Cameras

Have a compact camera like the Canon PowerShot G7 or Sony RX100? The TelePod Pro Kit is a lightweight, go-anywhere stand to get you creating content for vlogging in any location. The TelePod Pro Kit features the removable BallHead 1K which allows you to get the best angles and frame your shot.

Mobile Teleports On The Street

Looking for solution to vlog or stream with the smallest point & shoot cameras, action cams and 360 POV cams? Check out the Telepod 325 for a super compact stand that includes an integrated all metal mini ball head for positioning and a pin-joint mount for GoPro® action cams.

The Vlogging Rigs – For a “Go Anywhere” Mobile Movie Studio

Serious content creators need advanced tools to get the best quality for audio and video for their vlog, YouTube channel or live stream. The addition of a mic and lights are often requirements, not luxuries, if you are going to get to the best quality and the most views for your videos.

The JOBY GorillaPod Rigs have made it easy to improve your sound and lighting quality with minimal setup. The GorillaPod Mobile Rig is ideal for content creators using a mobile phone camera, while the GorillaPod Rig can hold a full Pro DSLR plus accessories.

GorillaPod Rig – 5Kg Capacity for Professional Camera Gear

Based on the GorillaPod 5K, Joby’s most robust flexible tripod, the GorillaPod Rig features an Arca-Type ball head and GorillaPod Arms for attaching a mic, LED lights, phone (teleprompter or second camera) or GoPro. Vlog in any lighting conditions, even dimly lit rooms or outdoors at night! Mount your lights to the two GorillaPod Arms and your camera’s cold shoe can still support your microphone.

GorillaPod Rig

Already have a GorillaPod 5K Kit or GorillaPod Focus with BallHead X? We have an awesome Rig Upgrade Kit that allows you to turn your existing GorillaPod into a video Rig!

Get Rigged! – Pro Results from your Phone

With Instagram and TikTok blowing up, creating dynamic stories with your phone has become a must. Mounting a phone on a GorillaPod Mobile Rig is the first move you need to make. The included GripTight PRO 2 Mount allows you to switch from landscape to portrait mode for those vertical streaming needs on IGTV, Twitch or Facebook Live.

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