2014: Gear Of The Year

BY December 31, 2014 Articles

2014 was a great year for both amateur and professional photographers. Technology continued to deliver exciting new innovations in the digital field, and photography soared to new heights on the wings of a drone. Cameras provided new ways to capture the skies above and the oceans below, and exciting accessories were born every day. Read on for some of our favourites…

* PLEASE NOTE: Some of the images contained in this blog were taken during Jen Rozenbaum‘s Boudoir workshop in Toronto and may contain material some might consider unsuitable for certain work environments *

When I first began shooting in a studio setting about ten years ago, I started with what are commonly called ‘hot’ lights.  Units like the Tota, Rifa and Redhead were all part of my kit. These lights were called ‘hot’ lights because they drew huge amounts of power to drive 500 watt (or higher) tungsten light tubes and generated tremendous heat.  You couldn’t plug these into a simple electrical outlet, you needed to find something with increased amperage tolerance so as not to blow a fuse or trip a circuit breaker.  Fast forward to present day and you’ll find that continuous light sources have really evolved.

How Photographers Can Gear Up For A Great Vacation

If you are an avid photographer, every foray outside your home is another chance to get that perfect shot. Whether you are taking your dog for a walk at the local park or heading to Halifax Harbour for a family vacation, your mind is always framing the scene and your camera is always at the ready. Whether you are a pro or just a casual shutterbug, renting the equipment you need once you arrive at your destination carries a number of important benefits. 

Photo By Jim Ogilvie

When planning a studio portrait session for a friend or client, we often can get bogged down with concerns of the specific gear we will need to create a look we’re trying to achieve.  We may find that we don’t have the gear on hand to produce that ‘big soft light’ or perhaps we feel compelled to make things somewhat more difficult than they need to be. 

There’s a powerful camera hiding inside your phone! Camera phones have replaced traditional cameras for millions of people, and it’s easy to understand why: they’re small, they’re always with you, and they let you instantly share your photos and video with your friends and followers. Keep these simple tips in mind and your phone photos will look their absolute best.

Many parents have a love-hate relationship with the annual school photography program. Either their children look amazing or they are in total disarray. School photos often end up tucked inside the Christmas cards of relatives and friends, and you want your child to look great. Parents can use the following tips to make the day less stressful for their child and enjoy better results with school photos.