The best vloggers in the world are supremely dedicated. They post new content constantly, they always make time to engage with followers, and they’re always looking for new ideas and connections. Some might even turn to something like Growthoid in order to grow their following. It can be really hard to be original and keep going, especially if you’re not getting the views and fans you deserve. Most YouTubers will find that buying subscribers, which you can Learn more about here, is a good way to encourage growth in numbers on their channel and get the recognition they deserve for their content. They pretty much dedicate all of their time to creating cool videos for their blog and Youtube as well as for Instagram and Tik Tok. A lot of the vloggers don’t just have one channel to reach their audiences as it would limit how many people they could actually reach. As different platforms are being used, different content needs to be created. A lot of the time, vloggers use Youtube to post their content which is considerably long, and then use Instagram for short videos and then use Tik Tok for very brief videos. If you’re considering becoming a full-time blogger, you need to take this into consideration. Additionally, IncrediTools’ official site has recommendations for how to build a bigger following on various platforms so that your content can reach your desired audiences.

With all of that effort, the last thing any vlogger wants is a video that looks out of focus, is shaky, or has terrible sound. So whether you’re a beauty vlogger with 15,000 subscribers or planning to vlog your upcoming four-month trip across Europe, if you want to stand out from the crowd and grow your subs, a great vlogging camera is a must-have. You may also want to look into getting a reliable mp4 video editor that could help you to edit your vlogs.

The Best Camera for Vlogging is Not Your Phone

Almost everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, and today’s smartphones deliver pretty good photos and videos. But “pretty good” isn’t going to help you make an impression in the competitive video personality space!

So while you might think your phone is good enough, it won’t give you the true high-def, professional quality needed to deliver a memorable and unique vlog, that showcases your personality and keeps your followers coming back for more.

The Best Vlogging Cameras Offer these Three Things

There are so many great cameras on the market, choosing one – even for as specific a task as vlogging – can be a little intimidating, especially if you’re not a photography expert. To help you find the right camera for your vlog, we’ve prepared a list of three key things you should look for in a great vlogging camera, and we have a recommendation for one that will fit the needs of today’s vloggers.

1. Video Quality: The Key Feature for a Vlogging Camera

It shouldn’t come as a shock that this is our top priority in a vlogging camera. Simply put, your videos need to look great, and the right camera choice will help ensure that’s the case. Here’s what to look for:

  • High video bitrate: Most cameras today shoot video in high-definition, or 1080p; but that number is actually less important than video bitrate. The higher the bitrate your camera captures video at, the higher quality your videos will be (where quality indicates clarity, contrast and sharpness, and less pixelation). Although most web video streams at less than 2 Mbps, you want to capture video at a higher bitrate before it compresses for the web.
  • 4K resolution: The evolution of high-definition video, 4K cameras capture video at 3840×2160 resolution. No matter where your video is displayed, you can be sure it’ll look great – and any followers with a 4K screen will get an optimal experience.
  • Autofocus: Since vloggers typically don’t have professional camera crews operating their cameras, autofocus is key. Eye-tracking autofocus, in particular, will help your camera keep you in focus, even if you move around in front of the lens.
  • Image stabilization: Camera shake can be distracting and disorienting; image stabilization ensures your audience experiences a smooth, clear video, no matter where you’re shooting.

2. Audio Quality: Make Sure You Come Through Loud and Clear

A great looking video isn’t worth much if the sound is weak. And most internal microphone cameras struggle to produce clear audio, which makes the ability to connect an external mic critical.

Whether you need a shotgun to pick up a full sonic experience or a lapel mic to capture your voice with perfect clarity, you – and your followers – will appreciate the extra clarity an external microphone provides.

3. Flexibility: Find a Camera to Fit Any Vlogging Style

Vlogging gives you the flexibility to tell your story in any number of ways – indoors or outdoors, at home, in the studio or on the road, by yourself or with others – and you need a flexible camera to match. Here are a few options to keep in mind:

  • Articulated LCD screen: A must, to help you frame your shots without being behind the camera
  • Profile/size and weight: If you’re on-the-go, you’ll want a compact and lightweight camera that’s easy to carry with you. After all, you don’t want to just tell your followers about the incredible sunset you just saw – you want to show them!
  • Zoom lens: You may not think you need a zoom lens just to sit in front of a camera, but why limit yourself? A wide zoom range will help ensure you get every shot you need to make memorable videos.

The Best Sony Camera for Vlogging

Sony released its DSC-RX100 VII at the beginning of August 2019, and it’s an ideal camera for today’s vloggers. It features all the specs you need to produce quality video content, including:

  • 4K HDR video at high bitrate (up to 100mbps)
  • Enhanced image stabilization, even in 4K movie recording
  • Sony’s renowned autofocus system, featuring enhanced fast hybrid AF and real-time tracking (including eye tracking) for video, with adjustable sensitivity
  • The ability to connect an external microphone (through a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack) for great sound
  • A wide zoom range (24-200 mm) for capturing video at multiple distances
  • Multiple options for maximum flexibility, including vertical video, time-lapse video and super slow-motion video, as well as a 180-degree tiltable touchscreen LCD

The Sony DSC-RX100VII is also pocket-sized for maximum portability. All told, the DSC-RX100 VII offers great value for its price point, making it one of the best cameras available for vlogging.

Grow Your Vlog with a Great Camera

A quality camera is a must for any vlogger looking to build and grow an engaged subscriber base. The three features above will help ensure your videos look and sound great, no matter where you shoot them – and the Sony DSC-RX100 VII gives you all three, and more, in a compact package at a great price.

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