If you’re thinking about starting up your own vlog, chances are it’s because you’ve been inspired by some of the many great vloggers on YouTube.

You’re probably familiar with what’s in front of the camera – whether it’s comedy, travel, or beauty – but what about the camera itself?

As viewers, we might not think about it, but it takes the perfect combination of the right camera equipment and smart videography skills to create those top quality videos.

Here’s our guide to everything you need to know to you start your own vlog:

Gear Essentials

Most vloggers build up their gear over time. Through trial and error, they find out what works and doesn’t work for them. But, there are a few things that every vlogger needs at the very least, even when just starting out.

1. A Good Camera

When you’re shopping for a vlogging camera, keep an eye out for the following features:

  • A flip or tilt LCD screen, so you can see yourself on the monitor while the lens is on you.
  • High-resolution recording capabilities so viewers can stream your work in the best quality, no matter what device they’re on. A camera with a bit rate of at least a 50Mbps should do the trick. 
  • HDMI output is also a must for high-definition streaming.
  • A low noise image sensor to help you capture clear and crisp imagery, even when you’re filming at night or in low-light. 
  • Great autofocus capabilities to help make sure that your main subject always appears clear and distinct to your audience. 

2. A High-Quality Lens

While a good camera helps you with the filming process, a high quality lens is really what makes or breaks it all.

  • A portrait length lens will help make sure you stay looking your best on camera. A 50-70mm lens is traditionally the best-suited for portraits, for vlogging a 24-70 mm lens can be even more effective, as it helps you capture the environment and set the scene around you. 
  • Fast zoom, so you can show your viewers the details of an object quickly and seamlessly. 
  • A wide aperture can not only help you capture high quality footage in low light settings, but also gives you the film with a shallow depth of field, which helps your main subject — whether it’s you or an object you’re showing your audience — stand out. A lens with an aperture of F2.8 or below does this wonderfully!

3. Accessories

These must-have accessories will make your life as a vlogger much easier:

  • A tripod or grip will help you maintain a smooth and steady image so your viewers won’t get motion sickness from trying to keep up with you! A tripod can also help free up hands when you’re filming yourself – the possibilities are endless.
  • An extra battery, because the last thing you need when you’re out on an exciting adventure is for your camera to die just before the best part of your day. But don’t worry, most camera batteries are pretty light, making a back-up easy to carry.
  • A spacious memory card means you’ll be able to capture everything your heart desires — and that your audience wants to see. A 64GB memory card films about 5 to 6 hours of high definition video.  

Consider the RX100M3 Video Creator Kit

The Sony DSC-RX100M3 Video Creator Kit makes camera equipment shopping much easier by ticking all the boxes of the aforementioned criteria! Whether you’re just starting out or have been at it for a couple years, this kit will definitely help you create some top notch content.

Here’s what the kit includes: 

  • 1x Sony DSC-RX100M3 Digital Camera
  • 2x Rechargeable Battery Packs 
  • 1x VCT-SGR1 Shooting Grip
  • 1x 64 GB SD Memory Card

Filming for Vlogs 101

The right gear is only step one when it comes to creating that perfect vlog. Keep these tips in mind when you’re filming, and it can make a world of a difference:


Make the best out of natural lighting by filming during the day. The best time to film is when it’s bright out, but not so much so that the sun makes you squint, or that hard shadows are cast across your face. If you’re indoors during the day, try to film in front of a window.


Your voice will pick up the best when there’s limited background noise. So, if you’re in a crowded or loud place, consider stepping away to somewhere quiet before you record yourself, or be ready to record a voiceover when you’re editing. If you’re outdoors, think about the wind too – if it’s strong, it’ll likely be picked up and overpower your voice.


To make the editing process go smoothly, don’t be afraid to delete footage on your camera that you know you won’t need – it might be something that you filmed accidentally, or something you know you will replace with a second take. That way, when you import all your files on to your editing device, you won’t have to sift through hours of unnecessary footage.

Becoming a top vlogger takes practice and time – but with these tips and tricks in mind, and the right equipment, you’ll be off on the right foot and be able to focus on creating the content you’re passionate about.

Who knows? Before you know it, you just might be the one to watch for!

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