Why Eye-Tracking Autofocus for Video is a Gamechanger

When it comes to shooting footage of subject’s face, the clarity and sharpness of the image can really make or break your masterpiece. Crisp, fine details tell a story; vague or out-of-focus imagery prevents the viewer from being fully submersed in the world you’ve captured.

That’s why Eye-Tracking Autofocus for video is such a gamechanger. This built-in feature will not only automatically locate and focus on a subject’s eye, but will follow the eye through any movement.

Eye AF is an easy-to-use function that’s perfect for giving beginners a leg up, and allows pros to pick up on the tiny details that might otherwise be lost.

The Eye AF Advantage

While many cameras, and even smartphones, have a face detection function built in, Eye AF really takes it one step further by locking focus on to the facial feature that often resonates with viewers the most.

Here are some reasons why using the function can really boost your work:

1. Superior Video Quality

Quality is everything, and especially when you’re taking the effort to film in high definition or in high frame rates.

If your subject is even the slightest bit out of focus, you won’t be making the most out of all the potential high quality recordings have to offer — and your viewers will notice. With Eye AF, your subject’s face will always be in focus, even as they move around, or as the camera changes position.

This means that in wider shots, your subject’s face will always be distinct, and in tighter shots, you’ll be able to capture every unique detail.

2. Fast and Accurate

Constantly having to manually establish and maintain focus on your subject can be a demanding and tiresome task with lots of room for error. However, the bulk of this work can be automated with Eye AF.

Driven by AI-based technology, the function is capable of focusing on a subject at a speed and precision that even the most seasoned videographers would not be able capable of. The Sony a6600, for one, has an autofocus speed of 0.02 seconds.

With that taken care of, you can focus all the time and energy you’ve saved on truly perfecting your craft.

3. Powerfully Versatile

Recent advancements in Eye AF technology have made it effective in nearly any condition – backlight, low light, with subjects wearing glasses, looking down, and even with their faces partially hidden.

Whether you’re working with a shallow or deep depth-of-field, capturing everything — from professional athletes from the sidelines, to bright-eyed babies a couple of inches away — has never been easier.

Sony has even optimized Eye AF for animals – perfect for capturing pets or wildlife in motion.

Why Sony Eye AF: Reliable, effective

Sony was the first to debut Eye AF technology in their cameras and has advanced their firmware exponentially since then. Today, they remain leaders in the field.

Sony is far from the only camera brand to offer eye-tracking capabilities in still photos, but Sony’s AF systems are effective, reliable and responsive, and the technology is available in a wide range of Sony cameras across the pricing spectrum — not just high-end DSLRs.

Experience Sony Eye AF tech in Action with the a6600

Released in August 2019, the Sony a6600 is a reliable and compact camera loaded with possibilities.

The a6600 incorporates pro-level hardware that truly elevates the advancements of Sony’s Eye AF and many other features. 

Designed to capture both videos and photographs in equally exceptional quality, here’s what else makes the a6600 such an incredible machine: 

  • High-resolution 4K HDR video recording with autofocus, real-time tracking, and image stabilization
  • Interval shooting for creating time-lapse movies 
  • Slow motion (up to 5x) and quick motion (up to 60x)  
  • Easy to use touchscreen functions – Eye AF can be triggered with one tap of the screen
  • 180-degree tiltable LCD monitor, perfect for vlogging
  • Advanced 5-axis optical image stabilization to compensate for shakiness 
  • Low-noise performance 

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