Video Tripod - Yoke

While much of what we see on YouTube is shot handheld, except for “shaky-cam” effects in movies and TV, most video shots are done from a tripod. If you’ve recently seen a film in the cinema or even on somewhere like Netflix, the chances are that a tripod was used in the making of it. A good video tripod has some very specific functionality that is not found in tripods for still work. And, like a great stills tripod, a great video tripod will last for years and years. When […]

If you were to design a brand-new mirrorless, full-frame camera for 2019, what suite of features would you include? Some would argue to make a real splash in the market, you should look to fit in as many features as possible. Well, that’s what Panasonic did with their new S1R. But is it enough to have all these features? How does this camera perform in a professional environment? These are the questions, along with others, that we looked to answer in our review. Sensor To recap, the Panasonic S1R delivers […]