The best vloggers in the world are supremely dedicated. They post new content constantly, they always make time to engage with followers, and they’re always looking for new ideas and connections. With all of that effort, the last thing a vlogger wants is a video that looks out of focus, is shaky, or has terrible sound. So whether you’re a beauty vlogger with 15,000 subscribers or planning to vlog your upcoming four-month trip across Europe, if you want to stand out from the crowd and grow your subs, a great […]

The Exposure Triangle is a continuous entity. A change to any value necessitates a change to at least one, perhaps both of the other elements. If we want a higher shutter speed, then either we have to open the aperture or increase the ISO or some combination of the two. When we shoot in full automatic, the camera’s CPU is doing all the work for us based on the meter reading. That’s great, right up until we choose to take a bit more creative control of the triangle.

Taking flight with the adventure-travel photographer and filmmaker Photography by BENJAMIN JORDAN (@BENJAMINJORDANADVENTURE) Benjamin Jordan doesn’t have a camera bag anymore.  He carries a compact camera in a small case that clips onto almost anything, and he totes a GoPro in a Ziploc bag. It’s a surprisingly lean kit for a professional photographer – but then, most pros aren’t shooting from a paraglider hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of feet in the air. Jordan is a self-taught photographer and filmmaker. He got into film photography as a teen, and he bought […]

The Goal Zero Sherpa 50 solar panel kit provides portable power when you need it. With a very capable rechargeable battery and a large solar panel, this kit allows you to stay powered even when you’re on the move.

When I teach someone about how to use strobes for lighting a portrait, they always seem amazed as to how simple the technical hurdles are to getting started.  One’s initial impression of a potentially difficult, complex and highly technical world becomes a fairly simple affair.

It’s easy to understand how someone can be led to believe that using strobe lighting is difficult.  The various pieces of the puzzle can have an outward appearance of being technically complex and sophisticated.  Taken one piece at a time, you can learn the essentials of lighting very quickly, after which it becomes a matter of practice with the lights themselves to get portraits that you love. 

There are only two kinds of digital photographers who use cameras with interchangeable lenses, those who have had to deal with sensor dust and those who have not had to deal with sensor dust, yet. If you are in the latter group, be ready, because it will happen.

Wildlife photography is immensely popular. The thrill of capturing an image of an animal in the wild, in its natural habitat or in front of a beautiful vista, is incredibly appealing. And besides — who doesn’t love animals? Of course, wildlife photography can also be incredibly challenging. Wild animals aren’t sitting still for portraits, making it tough to get a good snap; and, they’re not coming to you, meaning you’re taking your equipment into the wild. That means it’s critical that you’re carrying the right camera and the right lenses […]