Female photographer taking photos of make-up prouducts

Since the lockdown began over a year ago, we’ve all had to make changes to our work and everyday life. As we know, small businesses have been hit hardest by the pandemic, and working from home has presented a unique set of challenges. Product photography is one of them.  While shifting to an online market, it has also become increasingly more important to have quality photographs that better represent your brand and the products you offer. If this sounds like something you have experienced in the past year and a […]

Female holding camera taking a photograph

In honour of the day, we want to show appreciation to the people that help make Henry’s Canada’s greatest camera store – our Henry’s family of photographers. Celebrating our talented and knowledgeable associates in their craft/ showcasing their work and sharing their passion.

Nikon may have just released their most interesting camera to date. Nikon Z fc is an APS-C camera that features some of the best technology the company has to offer in a classic design inspired by their analog history.

While some may have a fool-proof method to editing their images, many of us still face challenges on how exactly to edit a RAW file. Where should I begin? How much editing should I do? What should the order of my process look like? In this video, Gajan walks through an easy-to-remember, 4-step method to editing RAW images. Check out the video to get started!

Food Studio Lighting Vlog

Have you found yourself hunting down new and different recipes to cook lately? Have you been taking photos of your creations and sharing them on social media? Have you thought about shooting video of your meal prep, or perhaps even starting your own food blog or vlog? People have been taking photos of food for decades. While that used to mean more “commercial” food photography (think of advertising, menus and cookbooks), social media and smartphones have meant more and more everyday people sharing fancy desserts, big juicy burgers or artfully […]