Congratulations! If you are starting out with an interchangeable lens camera, welcome to the world of real photography.  This is a different space from the smartphone, with more opportunity to create your own style and vision. Should I Have Anything Else? We know that a great photo is made in your mind, behind the viewfinder or the LCD, but having the right tools around will really help you with your creative and artistic goals.  Let’s take a look at some other elements that will help you achieve your goals. Polarizing […]

Whether you’re planning a trip to the sunny south or just a fun weekend adventure a little closer to home, spring is when many Canadians come out of hibernation and rediscover photography.

Introduction Buying a used lens does not have to be a risky proposition.  Use these tips to get a great lens and save money at the same time! Why Buy Used? Let’s all face a couple of facts.  When we buy a brand-new lens, we get one that has been used minimally, with only a couple of mountings to validate that it is working as designed.  Quality control is superb and the probability of getting a bad lens out of the factory is very small indeed.  However, as soon as […]

March Break is here and now that the kids are home, what better opportunity than now to spend time and capture memories with them. Photos or Videos? YES! Some of us think of still photos as how we record memories but let’s not forget how incredibly easy it is to make amazing videos on the cameras that we use for our still images.  Now would be a great time to review how to do that.  Feel at a loss?  No problem!  Set the camera to P and the recording switch […]

How to Shoot Great ‘Getting Ready’ Wedding Shots In the first part of our Wonderful Weddings Series, we ran through all the gear you’d need for a successful wedding shoot. Now we’re ready to get into the actual shoot itself! In this article, we’re going to talk about the photographer’s role before the actual wedding ceremony. For guests, the wedding might start with the bride walking down the aisle, but for the bride, the groom and the wedding party — and the photographer — it starts much earlier than that! […]