With the holiday season behind us and everything returning to normal, now is a great time to take a look at your holiday videos and consolidate them into a presentable form that you can share easily, and enjoy for years to come.

A new camera is a wonderful thing. It doesn’t have to be brand new, it could be gently used, it could be handed to you from a family member, wherever it came from, you have it now. It could be a DSLR, it could even be a home security camera for apartment! So the next question is what do you do?

When my editor sent me this topic, I have to admit that I asked myself if there really were that many ways to photograph the holidays and holiday related events. It was quite a challenge to come up with some reasonable candidates, so here we go. 1. 360 Degree Family Gatherings 360 cameras are easy to use and most deliver great results with no fuss, no muss. Put one on a stand or hang it from a ceiling (you can rotate the footage later) and use your smartphone to wirelessly […]

When trying out activities mentioned in this article, please follow COVID-19 guidelines and directives for your area. Canadian landscapes and wildlife are natural subjects to capture any time of the year, but Winter provides unique photo and video opportunities like no other season. Despite the frosty temperatures, many photographers find inspiration in their surroundings to get out of their comfort zone – both in terms of photography and the warm indoors – and make some amazing photos (with the help of Mother Nature!). In this article, we’ll revisit some of […]