Photo Summit Live

The Henry’s Learning Lab is bringing ten of the world’s top photographers and photo educators together for an incredible event called Photo Summit Live. Taking place over two days at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Photo Summit Live will feature presentations, discussions and live tutorials that are certain to inspire you to take your photography further. We caught up with some of the speakers appearing at Photo Summit Live to find out more about their work, their passion for photography and what they have planned for this major photographic event.

Whether the world likes it or not, selfies have become a fixture of society and culture. Widespread since the days of MySpace, and named the 2013 word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries, “the selfie” is more than just a cultural phenomenon, its a part of modern life. Accessible to everyone, as you don’t need an expensive camera or equipment the selfie puts everyone at the forefront of the public eye.

In the age of the internet, it’s pretty difficult to tell if an image is “real” or not. Sure, that could be Brad Pitt at your local McDonalds, or it could just as easily have been cleverly edited by someone using Photoshop.

Almost never, however, is there a case where you say to yourself: is this a painting or a photo? Paintings are painted, photos are taken with camera, thus the differences are pretty stark. Yes, that is true, in most cases, but definitely not in all.

Photography Laws Around The World

Everyone is something of a photographer when traveling. You might not have the most expensive camera, or know all the technical elements to taking a perfect photo, but you do have the desire to document all the things you do on your trip, because how else will you remember? And, more importantly, how will people know all the cool stuff you did if you don’t post the photos online? Exactly, you can’t without a camera, even if it’s just your phone.