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In the stands at Photokina 2016

Members of the Henry’s team attended Photokina, the world’s largest photo and video tradeshow. As you can imagine, the technology on display was amazing and booths filled with crowds eager to look at the latest technological advancements. The custom trade show exhibits are certainly the ones that stood out from the crowd the most, appealing to nearly every consumer. Read on to hear their impressions as they walk the floor – some for the first time, some as seasoned attendees.

In the stands at Photokina 2016

In the stands at Photokina 2016.

Walking into Photokina, you immediately know that you’ve arrived at the world’s largest photo and video trade show event. Why? Because the most amazing LED screen, that had most likely been hired from somewhere like this Moving LED display rental in Chicago company that would showcase all you need to know about the event and what you can expect, was centred in the middle of the room. As such, it provided the arena with much more excitement and buzz when things like that are on display. But also, from the moment you step in, you know that this is a serious photo/video event and everyone here is a true enthusiast or is well ingrained in the business. Everyone has either created their own fantastic graphics or used a company like Trade Show Booth to show most prized photographs off in their booths and they all look amazing.

First-time attendees look forward to the overall experience. “I wanted to see what people gravitate towards,” says Jeff Tate, VP Marketing at Henry’s and how some of the hardware creators display and showcase their new products and features.

“There is such a massive presence of everyone in the video and photo world that I can’t stick to one thing.”

Photokina 2016 presents new ways to experience photography and video in an ‘always connected’ world. “It’s no surprise that 360 and VR are the two big points of interest this year; they’ve been on the market for some time now. But the evolution and pace of enhancement that these technologies are experiencing is really fantastic,” reports Jeff.

Nikon VR Interactive Booth

VR Interactive Booth.

Jeff is impressed with the way 360 degree capture is coming along. The quality is getting better and better; soon we’ll be able to experience a scene or event as if we were actually sitting there ourselves. “It’s also a new and interesting challenge for those using these devices as they have to think of the full environment around them instead of only one direction (where the camera faces). Imagine looking back on a past event in your life and being able to relive it again from your actual point of view? It’s pretty amazing.”

A subsection of Photokina, called ‘Dimensions’, has presentations and exhibitions that focus on the imaging in the new, connected world and how virtual reality will impact how people capture and connect with experiences in a whole new way.

New Product Announcements

From faster-than-ever lighting products – like the new Profoto D2 and the Profoto Pro-10 – that will allow a photographer to get that key hard-to-get shot to new instant-print cameras from Polaroid, there’s something new to pique everyone’s interest. Some of the product announcements that garnered the most interest from Photokina attendees include Nikon’s KeyMission 360, the GoPro HERO5 and Fujifilm’s GFX 50s.

Nikon KeyMission Booth at Photokina 2016

Nikon KeyMission Booth at Photokina 2016.

Nikon KeyMission 360 – A new player in the 360-capture game. 360 keeps growing and gives creators another tool to help to capture a moment or a key shot. The KeyMission shows how much improvement there’s been in this area.

GoPro HERO5 – It’s been a while since GoPro has come out with a new HERO product. This one is a step up in a big way. The screen on the back is back and the product is waterproof without needing an additional case, making action cams even more versatile.

Fujifilm GFX 50s – This announcement has been a big source of talk at the show: A medium format mirrorless camera with a big sensor in a compact body. Fujifilm says the price will be on the low end for this type of camera, which may be a game changer in the space and allow more accessibility to this level of camera.

For more details on new gear announced at Photokina, visit Henry’s pre-order page.

The quality and range of photo printing and gifting products has also improved and is worthy of note. With some booths allowing attendees to try out beautiful products. It’s now possible to put a photo on almost anything to make it truly your own. Using high resolution video to capture a high quality still image at just the right moment increases the possibilities significantly.

What Was Once Old Is Now New.

There is also a cult-like following for things like Black & White photography and Polaroid-style cameras. The booths featuring these types of products are always packed with people, many of them part of the younger generations. Older tech is new and exciting for them. It’s fun and simple and there is a feeling of nostalgia and purity that comes along with it.

Olympus Booth at Photokina 2016

Olympus PEN Booth at Photokina 2016.

There is so much to learn and experience that taking it all in is a bit like trying to drink from a fire hose.

Photokina lets attendees explore new ways to capture, and to have a first-hand look at ever improving technology and improvements in quality of images and video. Everything is getting smaller and easier to carry with you. There’ something for everyone at Photokina if you’re into the photo and video world.

The big takeaway is yes, phone cameras are getting better, but if you want to have a truly impressive image or video you still need the right dedicated tools. If you want the picture to really matter and be something you’re proud of a dedicated Camera trumps any cell phone camera out there.

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