Profoto Off-Camera Lighting System

In this article, I want to share with you my experiences with the Profoto B2 system and the start of a business case for the investment that may work for you. If you are a casual photographer, strobes are going to be a pricey investment, but if you are doing photography as a business, either full time or part time, the day will come when speedlights just won’t do what you need.

The Importance of Screen Calibration

Do you edit your photos or videos? Do you enjoy spending time in the digital darkroom or the digital editing studio? Do you want your images and films to look the very best that they can? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this article is going to be very important to you.

APS-C Sensor

After all the years of digital photography, sometimes we assume that everyone understands the term crop factor, or crop sensor and that the concept makes perfect sense to everyone. This past weekend, I was gently reminded that this is not always true, and not understanding can be a real pain to a new photographer, or to a photographer who is becoming more serious about his or her art. Let’s spend a bit of time getting this cleared up.

Great Drones Are In The Air Now

Flying a camera drone is an incredible experience and can take your photography and videography to new places. It’s easier than ever to fly today, and the camera drone space is robust and mature. Take a look at this different way of seeing, it might be exactly what you are looking for.

White Balance Tools

I recently wrote an article providing some explanation and coaching in making successful white balance settings for better images. In this article, I want to share with you recommendations and experiences that have led me to have three specific tools in the bag and why I choose them more often over the remaining pantheon of superb options.

What is White Balance?

I really love watching videos or reading articles where the author makes the topic of white balance sound like something requiring decades of wizarding school and a willingness for blood sacrifices. The concept of white balance is very simple so I’m going to try and clear this up for everyone as quickly as possible.

When we start making photos we really like, we often want to share our work with friends and family. Many of this have been doing this through social networks. For the most part, users never read the terms of service put in plain sight by these services. My own experience is that the terms are very clear about what you surrender, what rights you retain and how your work can be used. If you’re going to play in social media, the responsibility for knowing the waters you’ve jumped into is yours and no one else’s.

Take close-up photos at a zoo

Very often, I hear that folks do less photography in the wintertime because they don’t do winter sports, or just don’t like the cold. This is a perfect time of year to embrace close-up photography. It can of course be done outdoors, but for people getting started, indoors is often more forgiving and easier. Let’s look at what goes into getting started with close-up and macro photography.