Baby wrapped in blanket

The world has changed significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic, but there’s at least one thing that hasn’t changed: people are still having babies! There’s nothing more precious than newborn baby photos, but with social distancing and the extra precautions we’re all taking to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, it may not make sense to invite someone into your home to take photos, or to visit a photography studio, with your newborn at this time. But that doesn’t mean you should just forget about taking baby photos. In fact, it’s […]

When on set for a shoot, there’s a little secret weapon I always like to have on hand with me – a light meter. You may be asking, ‘Why on earth would I want to use a light meter when my camera already has a light meter?’ Well, the difference here is that a camera measures reflective light while the light meter measures the light hitting your subject. Using a dedicated light meter allows you to take a reading off your subject, and with that allows for a more accurate […]

Kid swimming

If your kids have access to a tablet or smartphone, chances are, they’ve been all over TikTok and Instagram lately. These platforms give your savvy tweens and teens endless possibilities when it comes to digging deep into their creative side. Although a lot of these videos might be less than a minute long, there’s a lot that goes into coming up with content, filming, editing, and sharing it for the world to see. And even though summer’s winding down, you’ve got a few weeks left to engage with your kids […]