Parabolics - Seriously Great Light

In studio lighting, parabolic reflectors are well known and have been around for many years.  If you’ve ever seen a professional studio setup and noticed what looks like a ridiculously huge umbrella-like modifier on set, chances are you’ve seen a parabolic reflector. While traditionally in the domain of the pro studio photographer, manufacturers are creating very exciting alternatives for deep parabolics that make them imminently more accessible (i.e. affordable) for anyone who would like to own one.  

Photo By Katie K

It’s Valentine’s Day and what better time to focus your thoughts on the things that make your heart happy?! From furry friends, to laughter with family, seeing new worlds in macro or old ones while on tour – we’ve compiled just a few of the amazing entries we’ve received to showcase just what makes OUR hearts happy! Thanks to all for sharing and don’t forget to enter your photo for a chance to win our Happy Hearts Contest! (Click HERE for more details and to enter!)

Boudoir Photography

* PLEASE NOTE: Some of the images contained in this blog may contain material some might consider unsuitable for certain work environments. *

Searching for a unique Valentine’s gift can be a tricky task. Instead of opting for the standard box of chocolates and flowers, we’ve got some suggestions that will turn up the heat this February! Henry’s School of Imaging has partnered with Jen Rozenbaum – the eye, talent and force behind Jenerations, New York’s Premier Boudoir Photography Studio. With a “sixth sense” for the aesthetics of boudoir photography, Rozenbaum aims to empower women with a renewed sense of self-confidence and beauty. This Valentine’s Day, we’ve teamed up with Jen to offer the dos and don’ts of achieving stunning couples’ DIY boudoir photography.