We recently had the opportunity to test out and shoot some content with the new Sony A7R III and were very excited to see what this camera can do compared to previous models!

Check out our hands-on video for a quick outline of the features and some test footage!

With the A7R III we see:

  • The same 42.4MP CMOS sensor previously seen on the A7R II but with improved coatings on the sensor.
  • Completely removed low-pass filter offering superior image quality
  • 10fps continuous shooting with both mechanical and electronic shutter (only in 12-bit, compressed RAW. 8fps in 14-bit uncompressed RAW)
  • The A7R III now uses the new Z series of batteries from Sony, effectively doubling the battery life and shooting time
  • A refined eye-AF allows the camera to easily track faces regardless of how much motion is happening
  • The same touch display as the A9 is introduced with all the same capabilities, including the touch pad feature to allow you to use the screen to select your autofocus points even while looking through the viewfinder
  • The camera has two SD card slots. One is UHS-I and the other is UHS-II to offer improved speed and processing.
  • For studio photographers, the camera includes a PC port for triggering strobes as well as a USB-C and Micro USB slot for your transferring and tethering needs
  • For video, when shooting in Super 35 you now get a 5K image that is down sampled to 4k (without pixel binning) at 30fps or if you want to shoot HD, you can now get up to 120fps for slow motion
  • 2 new picture profiles have been added, S-Log 3 and Hybrid Log Gamma


Want to see and test some files for yourself? Download a few JPEG and RAW files on Dropbox!


Scott Jarvis

Scott is a photographer born and raised in Southern Ontario, with approximately 10 years of shooting experience, Scott focuses his talent mostly on Action Sports Photography and Photojournalism. Scott most commonly photographs freestyle skiing in both urban and park settings. Some of his clients include Liberty Skis, Ovyo Outerwear, IXNine and Moss Culture. He has also covered stories for news agencies such as CTV, CHCH, and City News.

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Scott Jarvis