Technology is the power behind change, and mobile technology has increased dramatically in the last few years. The improvement in phone cameras is one striking example of technology improving the photography experience for owners of smart phones. More people are taking an interest in photography than ever before. Taking photos is fun, creative, and exciting when matched with the amazing accessories the latest technology is providing. With the number of smartphone purchases increasing daily, few people will ever be without a camera for that special moment.

Mini Tripods

Joby has created the GripTight Micro Stand, which is an excellent tripod for the smartphone. Small, lightweight, and easy-to-use, this little tripod folds up to 81 mm and fits comfortably in your pocket or bag. You can also attach the tripod to your key chain for ready availability. It features zinc alloy legs and a mini ballhead. If you are a fan of “selfies” you can have lots of fun using the Quik Pod Smartphone Selfie Pole and its built in “selfie” mirror. This great accessory includes tripod legs, carrying case, an adapter for your smartphone, wrist strap, and a caribiner. These are just two of the many tripods available for your smartphone.

All photos taken by Phoneography expert and Exposure Show 2014 keynote speaker Stephanie Calabrese


If you own an iPhone 5, consider the GoPano Micro to create amazing 360°panoramic videos. It’s as simple as attaching the lens and tapping record. Beautiful videos are created instantly, and all your friends will envy you. If you have the iPhone 4 or 4S, an adapter case is available. The Samsung Galaxy 4 becomes a point and shoot camera when you use the Ztylus Camera case and the fantastic RV-1 Revolver Lens Kit. It has everything, including a threaded tripod mount, speaker enhancer, a 2-way stand, and a comfortable ergonomic handgrip. To use, you simply remove the back cover and replace it with the Ztylus. Use it with the RV-1 Revolver Lens kit to add four great lenses, including a wide angle, super micro lens, circular polarizer filter, and an extreme fish eye lens. Wow, just imagine all that amazing power for your Samsung Galaxy 4 – the possibilities are endless! Many more lenses are available for the smartphone – be sure to find the perfect one for you.

All photos taken by Phoneography expert and Exposure Show 2014 keynote speaker Stephanie Calabrese

Additional Accessories

Manufacturers recognize the significance of smartphone camera technology and are designing new and intriguing accessories. Special mobile lighting attachments enhance your images, triggers and shutter remotes make the picture taking process much easier and faster, and stabilizers and mounts provide opportunity to snap beautiful images without blur. Your friends and family will be surprised when you tell them you took such amazing pictures with your smartphone.

Start enjoying your smartphone’s camera to the fullest by adding one or more of these awesome accessories.

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