Today just about everybody around has a smartphone and with the constant improvements being made to the cameras inside these phones, people are relying on them now more than ever. Whether you’re a photographer without their kit or simply an Instagram addict, more people are relying on smartphones to capture photos while on the go. Often the best camera to get the shot is the one you have with you. With smartphone cameras constantly improving, shooting high quality photos with your phone is now easier than ever before.

Now, the main downside to using your phone to capture images, is the limitations of the camera. The cameras in our phones do not have any type of optical zoom, only digital zoom. The focal length of the lens is set in stone, and you have to work with what you have. This means that if you want to try to capture a wider angle shot, you are out of luck.

Many companies are realizing the limitations of these cameras and are constantly trying to find ways to improve them. Whether it is a new patent for new camera technology for a phone or attachments that make the experience easier for the user.

One of these companies is Apexel. They have gone above and beyond exploring the possibilities of different types of lenses and attachment systems for smartphone lenses to make it easier for all of us. This is especially true with their Evil Eye series. The Evil Eye series of lenses by Apexel are a bit larger than most mobile lenses, but the build quality and image quality is second to none compared to competing products.

1The 18mm Super Wide Angle lens will take your current camera and increase your width on the sides of the images. This is great for trying to capture a group, the inside of a room or even landscapes. It is a very useful and versatile tool that is a great addition to any smartphone camera. I was able to take the Evil Eye lenses with me along for the ride to a concert in Barrie. The place as packed and the 18mm ended up working perfectly for capturing the crowd of people. Paired with my LG G3, the Evil Eye lenses captured images far superior of this my friends captured with their phones. The lenses come with a small carrying case that I was able to clip to my belt and have both lenses by my side.

2With the 60mm Telephoto lens, I was able to get in close to the stage and get tighter shots with better quality than I would have gotten using my phone’s camera on it’s own. I was even able to capture some images that I would have loved to capture with my DSLR, but unfortunately, most venues do not allow equipment like I would have brought unless you have a media pass. The images would have required digital zoom, which would have destroyed the image quality and produce ridiculous amounts of noise. The 60mm lens made this easy and possible with great results. Even for snapchat videos, this lenses maintained better quality than the internal digital zoom would have done.

The best feature of these lenses is the system they use is a universal clip that is compatible with any phone, so you can share with you friends, or even if you have multiple phones for work or personal, you can adapt these to both. Additionally both of these lenses come with a semi-hard case that is padded, and includes lens caps and lens clothes, as well as a carabiner system that allows you to clip them onto your bag or belt making them easy to carry and keep them out of the way.

Scott Jarvis

Scott is a photographer born and raised in Southern Ontario, with approximately 10 years of shooting experience, Scott focuses his talent mostly on Action Sports Photography and Photojournalism. Scott most commonly photographs freestyle skiing in both urban and park settings. Some of his clients include Liberty Skis, Ovyo Outerwear, IXNine and Moss Culture. He has also covered stories for news agencies such as CTV, CHCH, and City News.

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      Yes it can! It would depend on the size of the case and positioning of the camera. These images were taken with the LG G3. The Otterbox for this phone makes it quite difficult to line up with the camera, however, for these shots a smaller, simple, bumper case was used!

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