Over the past few years 3D printers have rapidly grown in popularity and in terms of what they are capable of and who can use them. However, none have been considered to be truly consumer friendly thus far. That all changed when M3D began a Kickstarter campaign, in hopes of bringing a consumer friendly, budget friendly 3D printer to the world and that they did!

Meet the Micro:

Not only is it amazing to see what these printers are capable of and what can be done with them but also the fact that there are now 3D printers on the market that are affordable and easy to use.

Although convenient and innovative, most 3D printers traditionally use ABS or PLA filaments which tend to be more susceptible to moisture. PLA can also be very delicate and can break relatively easily under pressure. However, M3D has taken note of this and has created a “tough” filament, that is able to withstand impact, abuse, and pressure from objects placed on top of it without breaking. This revolutionizes the possibilities of objects and applications we can use these printers for.

The M3D is simple to use and set up and is the perfect place for anybody to start out with 3D printing without jumping into the industry “too quickly” and getting ahead of yourself. The price point of the M3D also keeps it affordable enough to prevent the cost from deterring new users from exploring 3D printing.


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