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May 28th marked the Grand Opening Celebration of our brand new location at Park Place in Barrie, Ontario. It was a gorgeous day, and both new and loyal customers came out to see our fantastic new space, with a wider range of products and a new, dedicated video wall. We had songs playing, Personalized Balloons blowing in the wind and people were haivng a great time. Our friends that represent all of the major camera brands were also on hand to demo and answer questions about the coolest gear on the market right now.

We really love our new home and have been enjoying showing new customers what Henry’s is all about. Our very first day we had quite a few people who had never shopped with us before.
Louise Booth, Manager, Henry’s Barrie.

One of those great new tools is going to change the way we capture and share our environments. The Ricoh Theta S, a 360-degree ultra-small camera that takes spherical stills and full HD movies, was used to capture footage from our Grand Opening Celebration.

If you weren’t able to attend the Grand Opening Celebration, you can see just how effective capturing 360º videos can be. By capturing its entire surrounding, the Ricoh Theta S is capable of transporting a viewer into your environment.

Post from RICOH THETA. – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

This interactive 360 degree timelapse video was shot on the Ricoh Theta S . Click and drag on the image to look around! Watch the full video here.

As exciting as our Grand Opening Celebration was, just imagine the implications of 360º video while you’re exploring ice caves in Iceland, or walking through West Vancouver being dwarfed by the towering cedars and Douglas-firs. You’ll be able to transport the less adventurous among us into your explorations.

Then there’s the whole new world it opens to film and content creators. With a 360º field of view, cameras like the Theta S can provide a new way of film making, and a level of interaction that was previously unheard of. Innovative YouTubers are already creating horror movies, shot entirely with a 360º view of the environment. The last time the horror film genre had such an exciting new way of filmmaking was likely the Blair Witch Project.

We can’t wait to see what inventive new ways all you creative folks out there will be using this exciting new technology.

Thanks again to all of the customers that came out to our Grand Opening Celebration in Barrie, you all made this day the great success that it was. If you missed our Grand Opening Celebration, be sure to to drop by as soon as you can to say hi, check out the new store, and hey, who knows, you might fall just as in love with the new store as we already have!

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