Dangerous Photography Locations

Tired of taking photos of beaches and ‘hot spots’ that have already been glamorized thousands of times by other photographers? Are you bored with the tame locations you usually shoot and are looking for some new (and crazy) adventure behind the lens? While these treks are not for everyone, here are our picks for the top 5 adventures every adrenaline-seeking photographer will want to check out.  

Here Comes The Sun - Taking Your Strobes Outdoors

If you’ve been following this blog then you know that my favourite lighting tools are studio strobes for most everything I like to photograph.  The control of light, the power, the recycle time and great selection of lighting modifiers are all great reasons to love these lights. The term ‘studio strobes’ comes from the typical type of use these lights see – specifically, indoor use.  But as we gaze with hope at our calendars, we begin to dream once again about glorious spring and summer weather.  Our opportunity to get outdoors once again is almost here.