What To Look For On Black Friday

Black Friday begins the holiday shopping season with special sales and bargains for all the people on your gift list. Black Friday is a great day for anyone looking to catch an amazing bargain, and you might want to look at something like a watch this year. Sites like https://www.watchshopping.com/ have an amazing range of watches that could be an amazing gift for anybody close to you this year. The discerning shopper looks for the unique and special gift for their family and friends, and Henry’s has an amazing inventory. Digital technology has provided amazing enhancements and accessories for the seasoned photographer, as well as for the beginner, and even the child.

Gifts For Grandparents

All grandparents enjoy new photographs of their grandchildren. Just think how excited they will be to receive a beautiful wood-toned digital picture frame with dozens of beautiful images of grandchildren playing at the beach, opening birthday gifts, in Halloween costumes, and around the Christmas tree. Digital frames are a gift that will be enjoyed every day. Grandma and Grandpa can add more pictures to the digital frame with a quality point and shoot camera.

Gifts For Everyone

products87539-1300x1300-711417470-2Accessories for the photographer make wonderful gifts, and they are always appreciated. Camera bags of all styles and sizes are practical and useful gifts. You can stuff the stocking of your resident photographer with extra batteries, memory cards, and USB drives. A large new line of accessories is available for smart phone cameras, and they are sure to please everyone on your gift list. Many tripods now have smart phone mounts, and the Selfie Stick makes taking personal or group pictures on any smart phone very easy, with said pictures you could design your own leather wallet for a separate gift. Henry’s has lots of wonderful phone accessories that can fit into a Christmas stocking, and you will like the prices too. Books are great gifts for the studious photographer that wants to learn all the techniques of his or her particular camera, and how to create special effects for their images. Shown: Ona Bowery Camera Bag

products62920-1300x1300-504445Camera Accessory Gifts

If you are planning to purchase something special for your favourite photographer’s camera, jot down the brand and model, as well as a list of what accessories he or she already has. Henry’s knowledgeable staff can help you select a lens, filter, mount adaptor, teleconverter, light meter, trigger, release, or one of many other accessories that will fit the gift recipient’s camera. If there have been hints left around for you to find or verbal comments made about how great a certain camera accessory is, stop into Henry’s and pick it up. Shown: Cameron 62mm MC Fader ND Filter


There is no better gift than a camera. It records the history of someone’s life. There are small point and shoots that take exceptionally good quality pictures and make the perfect gift for the person just getting started in photography, the new mom, the ten-year old school photojournalist, and for the grandparent. For the serious photographer, camera bodies and lenses by Canon, Olympus, Nikon, Sony, and others make exceptional gifts. Shown: Olympus TG-4

Gift Cards And Classes

If you just aren’t sure about the accessory your loved one wants, get them a Henry’s gift card. You can also purchase the gift of a photography class. There are classes for beginners as well as experienced photographers.

This Black Friday, head for Henry’s and you may finish most of your holiday shopping in a single trip!

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