A couple of days ago, I was contacted by someone from The Change Foundation inquiring if it would be possible to share some information about a contest they’re running on the Henry’s Blog. As I took a look through the site, I thought that this is a great initiative and something that certainly deserves a mention.

The Change Foundation is all about improving the healthcare experience in Ontario for people moving throughout the system. While I have been lucky enough to avoid any major use of our healthcare system myself, I’ve had some close friends and family who have relied on Ontario’s healthcare system for life-changing surgeries and treatments. Treatments that have been necessary, but also left them needed a little bit of extra help when it made them unable to work and provide for their family (this is where critical illness insurance came into play and helped them – here you can find out what is covered by critical illness insurance?). Luckily everything was all sorted, but having healthcare certainly helped.

Healthcare is a necessity for everyone, no matter where you are in the world, people should be able to access basic healthcare, and get into clinics like Southwest Care Center or ones similar, that can help them with mild to moderate health issues, in a clean and professional environment.

Moreover, it is undeniable that healthcare has come a long way over the past few years. For example, nowadays, no matter what you are struggling with, support is out there. For instance, one of my best friends is currently going through rehab for addiction issues. Although substance abuse can be incredibly tough to overcome, professional guidance can help people to piece their lives back together. Accordingly, you can learn more about treatment options for addiction issues on the Enterhealth website.

Anyway, I suppose what I am trying to say is that healthcare is an important topic, and I was happy to respond to Alexandra, their Communications Intern, to offer up a space on the Blog to let people know about their contest. Please have a look at the information that has been provided by The Change Foundation below. Please note that Henry’s is not an official sponsor/partner of this contest – all questions or comments should be directed towards The Change Foundation.

Are you an Ontario post-secondary photography, digital imaging, journalism, or media/communication studies student with an interest in improving healthcare? Looking for a way to marry your interests and gain some recognition – and possibly $1500 – for it? Then listen up! Framing the Experience: A photo contest to capture patients’ healthcare experiences in Ontario is seeking images until November 1, 2013 that will collectively convey the relationships, stories, emotions and realities tied to people’s experiences – whatever and wherever they be – interacting with Ontario’s healthcare system.

This contest is created and sponsored by The Change Foundation, an independent healthcare think tank focused on improving people’s healthcare experiences as they navigate the ins, outs, and in-betweens of Ontario’s healthcare system. The contest challenges students to focus their lens on the question: What does the healthcare experience look like across Ontario today?

Framing the Experience offer photographers, digital artists, and photo-journalists-in-training a great opportunity to challenge their creativity and thinking, to showcase their talent and to help fund their ongoing education. The contest offers over $6,000 in prizes in 3 categories. First prize in each is $1500 with many second/third tier prizes too – including $50 Henry’s gift certificates for p to 6 honourable mentions! Photos can be realistic, symbolic or abstract. They can show connection – or lack of it. They can evoke feelings, tell stories, provoke thought – or all of that at once. “Our hope is that the contest and the photos it inspires will prompt people to think in new ways about what really matters to people as they experience healthcare,” says Cathy Fooks, CEO of The Change Foundation. “We are challenging students to show us – and to help us show – what the healthcare experience looks like and feels like for patients and caregivers across Ontario today.”

The contest welcomes entries showing the informal care that happens among families, friends, and neighbours, the relationships and interactions with professional healthcare providers of any setting, or a range of experiences from the perspective of either patients or their families and friends. The Foundation also welcomes images that reflect the diversity of the province’s geographies and populations. Auestions? Contact the Foundations’ Communications Intern, Alex McKnight or see the links below for more information and instructions on how to enter. Good luck!

Rules and Guidelines
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Who is the Change Foundation?

The Change Foundation - Framing The Experience

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