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How do you photograph the essence of a city? How can an image create a story and sense of place? These are questions that urban landscape photographers work toward distilling in their images. From quirky people to interesting architecture to the juxtaposition of buildings, streetscapes, lights and shadows – there are so many elements that create a visually compelling narrative of urban life. Check out this collection of photographers using their Sony cameras and lenses to showcase the vibrant colors, lines, shapes, textures and patterns that exist within cityscapes, creating […]

In this article, we’re gonna look at some of the best creator gifts and accessories of 2023. Maybe you need to find a last-minute present for that photographer friend, or maybe you just want to “treat yo’ self” this holiday season? Here’s a list of affordable gift options for all kinds of creatives. Canon Selphy CP1500 The Canon Selphy CP1500 is a super compact photo printer that’ll get you over the dread of printing your memories. Let’s face it, it’s not a photograph until you actually have a print in […]

Lens Compression and Perspective Exaggeration

Lens compression looks like the distance between near and distant subjects in the frame is reduced. You will read many photographers say they like the “compression” delivered by a telephoto lens for portraits or the lack of “compression” in a wide-angle lens for landscapes. The words make sense because of what we see, but we are not seeing any compression, instead we are seeing perspective exaggeration.