Get outside this weekend and make some memories

Sunny days are still here! Hopefully you’ve been enjoying them for a while now, and that your AC has either managed to hold up, or you were able to get someone like The Wirenut ( out to do any repairs that were needed. While we’re still lucky enough to have days filled with sunshine, let’s make the most of them by getting outside and memorializing them. Our phones and cameras are crammed with unshareable photos of headless family members and bad lighting, so it’s time to pay some attention to quality not quantity and create shots that you will be proud to post now and look back on later. We have a few tips to get you started!

Get Down to Their Level

If you’re photographing kids and pets, get lower to the ground, even if it means getting a bit of dirt on your knees, and snap some shots from their perspective. Also, don’t be afraid to get silly; make some faces and funny noises. If the kids and pets don’t want to sit still and smile or watch the camera, don’t force it! Let them act like themselves, have some fun, and be prepared to capture the shot when it happens. For younger kids and pets, bring a favourite toy along. It will definitely help with getting their attention, even if it’s just for a couple seconds!

Get in the Shot!!

There’s nothing worse than coming back from a weekend trip or a holiday and realizing that you’re not in any of the pictures because you were behind the camera the entire time. Bring a small tripod or even a selfie stick to make it easy for you to get in the shot with your family, and use your camera’s self-timer and burst mode to make sure you capture everybody’s best angle.

Lighting is Key

Photography is all about light, and your camera’s little built-in flash might be more useful than you think. While a small flash won’t be powerful enough to light up a dark concert, it’s actually perfect for filling in harsh shadows on a sunny day. When the sun is high in the sky, force your flash on and watch as it magically balances out the glare and produces even lighting across the face and you will even add professional-looking “catch lights” to your subjects’ eyes.

Recommended Cameras You Can Start With

Fujifilm XP140

Snap & Share with Fujifilm XP140

Get ready for whatever summer has in store with the waterproof and rugged FUJI XP140. With a powerful sensor to capture every detail, and a 5x optical zoom to get up close to the action, this tough little pocket camera is perfect for capturing your most extreme adventures. It even has built-in wireless connectivity so you can share your pictures right away! Find Out More

Canon Powershot ELPH 190

Small & Easy! Canon PowerShot ELPH 190

The Powershot ELPH 190 features a 20mp sensor with a 10x optical zoom, making for an exceptionally performing compact camera to take with you everywhere you go! Order yours online, or visit one of our stores!

Canon Powershot SX540 HS

Crossing the Bridge with Canon PowerShot SX540 HS

The Canon Powershot SX540 HS has an impressive 50x optical zoom and wireless image file transfer to your smartphone or tablet making it easier to share your adventures with all of your friends and followers! Find Out More

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