It’s the season of the music festivals both big and small across Canada. Here are some tips from Henry’s Learning Lab to help you capture concert images that rock.

Capture Images That Rock

Plan Ahead

While it’s usually not a problem to snap a few photos when your favourite band tours through the local bar scene, larger cameras are often forbidden at larger stadium shows and outdoor festivals. Check the rules before you pack your camera bag.

Forget the Flash

Concerts are often dark, but your camera’s flash will create more problems than it can solve: small flashes only have a range of a few meters, so unless you’re at the front of the crowd it won’t even reach the stage. If you are that close, however, the flash will cause ugly reflections off of mic stands and the drum kit, and the dramatic stage lighting and concert atmosphere will be ruined by the bright light. Instead, turn your camera’s ISO to a high setting (around 1600) and your camera as steady as possible.

Anticipate the Shot

Instead of shooting lots and hoping for the best, pay close attention to the way that the musicians move on stage. You may notice that the guitarist strikes a certain pose between solos, or that the singer has a habit of looking out to the crowd between lines. Once you know what you want to capture, compose the shot and lock your camera’s focus in the right place, and consider using the “burst” mode to capture a quick series of pictures at just the right moment.

Go for Variety

You may not want to give up your hard-earned spot in the crowd, but your images will often be more interesting if you move around and find new perspectives. Get further back and shoot the whole crowd and stage from a distance, or consider turning around to show crowd looking towards the stage. Use a wide-angle lens to capture all of the drama and energy of the crowd, or zoom in with a telephoto lens to highlight the little details that make live music such a great experience.

For images that rock, we recommend…

Sony A6000
The deceptively powerful Sony A6400 packs pro quality features and image quality into a small, light body – perfect for concerts! With a lightning-quick, 11fps continuous shooting and class-leading low light performance, you’ll capture great images and video in the toughest conditions. There’s even a tilting LCD screen to help you shoot over tall crowds!

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