Macro Lenses open up a tiny world of overlooked beauty and bring it to our attention. Nature comes to life in the details of the tiniest insects, the secret inner workings of flowers, and in your own reflection in a crystal clear drop of dew. The tiny world of macro photography is an exciting adventure into the seldom-noticed “little worlds” that surround us every day. Macro camera lenses make these amazing images of the world’s tiny pieces possible. Once you enter the world of macro photography, every flower petal becomes your backdrop and every insect is a personal challenge. If insects are posing their own challenge to the upkeep of your home, you may want to consider the services of pest control experts (like these – to curb their presence on your property and their attempt to infest it entirely. Yes, they may look good in photographs, but nobody wants to go to sleep at night knowing they might be lying next to bedbugs. Looking for tiny “things” to photograph will find on your hands and knees crawling around in the most unlikely places, but that is the beauty of macro photography. A raindrop becomes a canvas and an icicle can mirror a forest in the world of macro photography.

100mm f/2.8 Macro Lens

Some lenses are just plain fun, and a 100mm falls into this category. It’s a great macro lens for beginners as well as experienced macro photographers. This lens provides a fast focus and is very sharp when wide open and is even sharper when stopped down. The perfect lens for detailed close-ups of the tiniest subjects, the 100mm will not disappoint you when shooting complex ultra small images. This lens provides great bokeh (foreground/background blur), fantastic optical performance, is lightweight, easy to use, and performs well in every close-up situation.

60mm f/2.8 Macro Lens

Shooting macro with a 60mm lens is an adventure. There are so many objects that cry out to be photographed with a macro lens. Fruit interiors, seeds, paint splashing, electronics detail, coins, food, and a host of other items look amazing when photographed with a macro lens. The 60mm lens is small and lightweight and takes up very little space in your camera bag. It’s the perfect lens to take on any outdoor hike or adventure. It’s sharpness guarantees amazing results, but you will always want to use a tripod and timer when photographing small subjects with this macro lens. A beautiful image can be ruined by a little camera shake, so take no chances. This lens also works well as a portrait lens, and you won’t want to overlook all its qualities for additional uses.

50mm f/2.8 Macro Lens

This is a great little macro lens for working in small places, and is another beautifully performing lightweight lens. This is the perfect lens for capturing tiny bug images, and the manual focus is simple. This lens produces very sharp and detailed images of the tiniest of insects, ice crystals, snowflakes, flower components, water droplets, and more. Just imagine the detail you can see on a bee that is magnified five times its size. The tiny little hairs on the bee will be sharp, and the feet will be covered with bright yellow pollen. The hard-working 60mm macro lens will boost your camera’s versatility as you continually discover new ways to use it.

Macro photography is fun and challenging, but with the right lens the rewards are more than worth the effort. A cat’s eye is a dramatic subject for a macro image, and so are hundreds of items you have around your home and yard. After deciding on the right lens for your camera, head out to the back yard or your local park and look for some tiny models. Butterflies, lizards, flowers, tree buds, spider webs, assorted insects, and anything else you can imagine are all willing subjects for your macro photography. A macro lens is definitely an important addition to any camera bag.

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