The world of close up photography is something that I had always wanted to explore. The semi surreal kind of shots that you can get with a macro lens or by adding extension tubes can be quite beautiful. As with anything else you photograph, light is an important element to consider. If your ambition is to create clean and well lit product photos (perhaps for selling products on a website) you don’t necessarily need to invest in a strobe system for this purpose.  To understand how you can achieve great results with a very simple setup, we need to remind ourselves of a simple concept in lighting that is relevant.  The concept is the difference between hard and soft light.  

The Importance of Good Audio No matter what kind of multimedia project you are doing, if there is audio, it has to sound great or the entire project suffers. Fortunately, the routes you can take are pretty consistent whether you are shooting a video, recording a vlog, preparing a multimedia presentation, or even recording a bit of music played from your Antonio Strad Violin or another instrument! Recording the Audio Audio recording is very simple and has a very basic path. You start with the capture device, feed that input […]

A good way to annoy your family on a family vacation is take along a lot of photo gear. If everyone in the family is not a photographer, you’re going to be “unpopular”. Vacations mean carrying a lot of stuff around with you to begin with, and going to places that may be a bit camera hostile – beaches, oceans, lakes, mountains, hiking trails, boats, amusement parks, etc. You get the picture. Although, it is easier when you have an RV to help store everything along the way. You can […]

A Semi-Captive Audience For many folks, their pets are family members and for some folks, the only family nearby. For some, it was their love of pets that got them together, to begin with after meeting on Pet Lover Dating! And there’s a good reason people love pets so much, they’re there for them no matter what, don’t judge them, and are always willing to play or go for a walk! They love their pets with all their heart and would do anything for them. For some people, a dog […]

Flower photography with one continuous light source and a white background

When the weather changes, the flowers start to bloom and this is the time where photographers become inspired to make images of the beautiful colours and shapes that announce an end to winter. Unfortunately, many photos of flowers are lacking something. Flowers are challenging to shoot well, because they are naturally beautiful and to make the image special, we need to do more. Managing the light, and the angle are methods to make better flower images, amongst other practices. Let’s practice today so we are ready for when the real […]

Time Lapsing Flowers

Everyone has enjoyed stunning time-lapse flower photography, but rarely think it is something they can do. With proper equipment, step-by-step instructions, and a little patience, you can accomplish a beautiful time-lapse photography video with flowers in your own yard. A series of sequential images captured by your camera over several hours are compressed into a short video lasting only a few minutes, allowing you to see a flower bud mature into a full bloom.

What Are We Trying to Achieve? The job of any good photograph is to tell a story.  Sometimes the subject of our story is in motion and we want the photograph to convey that.  Sometimes we want to impart the sense of motion to a static object.  Sometimes we want to draw attention to motion.  There are many techniques to depicting motion and those are the tips that we will cover in this article. Showing Movement in a Moving Subject Against a Static Background The most common case for this […]