Panasonic has unveiled its latest innovation in the LUMIX S Series, the Panasonic LUMIX S9, a compact and lightweight full-frame mirrorless camera designed with content creators and hobbyist in mind. This stylish camera is available in multiple colour variations including Jet Black, Crimson Red and Night Blue, making it a perfect companion for those who are always on the go.

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Compact Design and Superior Imaging

The LUMIX S9 stands out as the smallest and lightest camera in the LUMIX S Series, weighing just 403g (0.89 lb). Despite its compact size, the S9 boasts a powerful 24.2-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, the same sensor found in the highly acclaimed LUMIX S5II. This sensor, paired with the latest image processing engine, ensures stunning image quality with rich detail and natural tones.

Advanced Autofocus and Image Stabilization

The New Panasonic Lumix S9 Image Stabilization & Auto Focus

Equipped with Phase Detection Auto-Focus (PDAF), the LUMIX S9 offers excellent subject tracking, making it easier to capture fast-moving subjects with precision. Additionally, the camera features Panasonic’s industry-leading 5-axis Dual I.S.2 image stabilization technology, which provides up to 6.5 stops of stabilization. This means you can shoot handheld with confidence, even in challenging conditions, and still achieve sharp, clear images.

Creative Control with REAL TIME LUT and LUMIX Lab App

The New Panasonic Lumix S9 Real Time LUT

One of the standout features of the LUMIX S9 is its REAL TIME LUT (Look-Up Table) functionality, which allows users to apply custom colour profiles directly in the camera. The new dedicated LUT button provides quick access to these settings, enabling photographers and videographers to experiment with different colour styles on the fly.

The New Panasonic Lumix S9 Smart Phone Integration

In addition to in-camera customization, the new LUMIX Lab app expands creative possibilities by allowing users to develop unique LUT files on their smartphones. These files can be transferred to the camera, enabling seamless integration of personalized colour profiles. The app also facilitates high-speed transfer of photos and videos from the camera to a smartphone, making it easier than ever to share content on social media.

MP4 Lite for Social Media Optimization

The LUMIX S9 introduces a new recording format, MP4 Lite, optimized for social media. This format supports Open Gate 4:2:0 10-bit video recording at 30p/25p, allowing creators to capture high-quality videos that can be easily resized for various social media platforms using the LUMIX Lab app. This streamlined workflow means you can shoot, edit, and share content quickly, without the need for extensive post-production.

Key Features of the Panasonic LUMIX S9

The New Panasonic Lumix S9 Full Frame Photo and Video
  • Compact and Lightweight Design: The first compact model in the LUMIX S Series, weighing approximately 403g.
  • 24.2MP Full-Frame CMOS Sensor: Delivers high image quality with natural tones and rich detail.
  • PDAF for Improved Autofocus: Offers precise subject tracking and better real-time recognition.
  • Advanced Image Stabilization: 5-axis Dual I.S.2 with up to 6.5 stops of stabilization.
  • MP4 Lite Video Mode: Smartphone-optimized Open Gate video recording.
  • Flexible Rear Screen: Free-angle design for shooting from various angles.
  • LUMIX Lab App: Facilitates high-speed transfer and LUT customization.
  • REAL TIME LUT: Customizable LUT files for creative shooting, with a dedicated LUT button for easy access.

New Ultra Compact Lenses Designed for the Panasonic Lumix S9

The New Panasonic Lumix S9 26mm Lens

LUMIX S 26mm F8

Perfect for capturing spontaneous moments, the thin and lightweight design of the lens allows it to be attached like a lens cap and quickly taken out for casual snaps. Note: This lens is manual focus only, fixed at F8, and some autofocus and manual focus assist functions cannot be used.

The New Panasonic Lumix S9 18-40mm lens

LUMIX S 18-40mm F/4.5-6

Compact zoom lens for easy everyday use, offering focal lengths from 18mm for wide-angle shots to 40mm for natural portraits. Perfect for versatile snapshots.

The Panasonic LUMIX S9 is set to redefine compact full-frame mirrorless cameras with its blend of portability, advanced features, and creative flexibility. Ideal for content creators who demand high performance and ease of use, the LUMIX S9 ensures that capturing and sharing stunning images and videos has never been more seamless.

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UNBOXING the Panasonic S9 & Everything You NEED To Know!

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