Photographers are spoiled with choice these days, especially as new mirrorless cameras come to market. Every manufacturer is offering new camera bodies and new lenses with new technology, and every few months one brand seems to leapfrog another.

Sometimes it seems that if you want to use the best equipment available, you need to be willing to invest in multiple brands. But despite how fast technology evolves, photography is still a long game, because a great lens today is still going to be a great lens for years to come.

With that in mind, let’s look at the advantages of investing in, and sticking with, a single original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

OEM lenses and bodies are meant to work together.

Canon EOS 6D with Lens

This is the most important, and simplest, reason to stick with a single manufacturer. An OEM lens is designed to work with an OEM body and vice-versa; you know that a Canon lens will “just work” with a Canon body. But when using a lens from a different manufacturer, some features, such as autofocus or enhanced motor speed, may not work with your camera body. You may also find the aperture doesn’t appear in the viewfinder or that you can only use the viewfinder to focus, or that EXIF data isn’t recorded properly. And in some cases, you’ll even need an adaptor to fit your third-party lens to your OEM body.

Whether you’re shooting in the jungle, on the street or in a studio, you want to know your equipment is going to work.

Multiple systems can throw your photography budget off.

No matter how big or small it is, every photographer has a budget. And not everyone is going to be able to make use of a Bitcoin Revolution Login (although, if you are trading-savvy, this might be a good way to raise some money to be able to increase your budget) Each new piece of equipment comes with a cost, and maximizing your return on that investment is critical. If you purchase the latest Canon lens but need to also purchase an adaptor for your body, and invest in a lighting rig because the remote flash trigger doesn’t work, you’re spending more money than you need to. If keeping tabs on your budget and your spendings is something that you struggle with then you may want to consider making use of an app that can help you track all this and more – check out this truebill review so you can find out what you’re missing out on.

And a lens adaptor is just one more thing to pack, or forget, or lose.

Camera and lens familiarity breeds success.

As you use, and get used to, bodies and lenses from one manufacturer, you’ll find shooting with them becomes second nature – you’ll know exactly the right setting to use with each lens, in each situation. Bringing in a different lens from a different manufacturer can throw off your timing – timing that can mean the difference between getting a perfect shot or missing it altogether.

Which camera system is right for you?

You’ll have to assess your own needs and budget when it comes to determining what system and manufacturer to invest in, but you can’t go wrong with the traditional names. Canon offers multiple camera bodies to get you started, and a wide range of lenses to fit any need and any budget. Canon lenses never go out of style, and typically retain their value extremely well should you ever decide to trade one and upgrade.

Canon Lenses

And if you’re thinking of a new system to invest in, Canon’s new mirrorless line is set to make a splash in the coming years. Although the lens lineup isn’t yet as deep as the traditional DSLR lineup, you can use the Canon lens mount adaptor to use any Canon EF and EF-S lens with a mirrorless body, without losing any functionality such as image stabilization or autofocus.

You’ll often hear the expression, “don’t buy a camera, invest in a camera brand.” It’s been true for a long time, and despite ongoing technological advancement and competition we see in the camera market, the expression remains true today.

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