Expansive and diverse, the Canadian landscape is a photographer’s paradise. Ten provinces and three territories provide endless image potential. Cityscapes, wildlife, pristine forests, ocean life, farmland, and the busy working cities all offer the photographer varied backgrounds for their art. Whether you reside in Canada or are visiting, take your photography to a new level by visiting some of the most photogenic areas in Canada.

Canadian Rocky Mountain National Parks

The five national parks comprise the Canadian segment of this dramatic range of mountains in North America and the peaks stretch across the British Columbia and Alberta border. Millions of visitors come to the parks every year to enjoy hiking, skiing, fishing, and other outdoor ventures. Photographers have the opportunity to capture amazing landscape images, as well as images of people engaging in a variety of activities.

Niagara Falls – Ontario

Known for both adventure and romance, Niagara Falls has been a favorite place for photographers for over 150 years. The Horseshoe Falls are often referred to as the Canadian Falls, and 90% of the water in the Niagara River flows over these majestic falls. Brave photographers love to capture the beauty of the frozen falls in the winter months.

Prince Edward Island

Home to beautiful sandy beaches, seven light houses, beautiful nature trails, and Anne of Green Gables attractions, PEI is truly a diverse and exciting destination for the photographer.

Churchill, Manitoba

This small town in Manitoba is huge in photographic opportunities. Often called the polar bear capital of the world, Churchill offers the photographer a unique opportunity to capture images of the magnificent creature in its natural habitat. Visitors photograph images while riding in safe tundra vehicles. Churchill is among the top three places to see the aurora borealis (northern lights), and visitors flock there from all over the world to enjoy the amazing phenomenon. Beluga whales also call Churchill their home and are a big draw for photographers.

Quebec City, Quebec

A beautiful city, where the past meets the present, Quebec offers glorious image opportunities. The old walled city offers a unique look into the past. French culture permeates the area providing the feel and ambience of France. Old Quebec is one of the few walled cities remaining in the world.

Nova Scotia

Another coastal province, Nova Scotia offers a beautiful and varied landscape for the photographer. The busy waterfront in Halifax, the colourful streets of Lunenburg, rafting on the Bay of Fundy, and Cape Breton’s strong Mi’kmaq influence offer unlimited subject matter for the lens of the camera.

Fossil Creek, Nunavut

Canada’s Arctic territories are definitely key destinations for the intrepid photographer. Nunavut is the northernmost territory of Canada and is known for its amazing geology. At Fossil Creek you can see the 450 million year old fossil deposits. You are free to view and photograph the fascinating fossil and arch sites, but please do not touch.

Modern cities with old world charm, fishing villages, abundant wildlife, four-season attractions, and diverse cultures thrive in the provinces and territories. Choose any Canadian destination for your next photography trip, and you won’t be disappointed! What are your favourite Canadian spots to photograph? Let us know in the comments section below!

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