Welcome to Photo Monday!

This is a series of posts all about YOU! The point of this is to bring some attention to the great photographers out there, and perhaps give your work some more exposure.

If you’re a fan of any of the photos here, click the photo to view it on 500px, and maybe give it a Like or a Favourite!

Andre Lindo - Little Talia
Little Talia
by Andre Lindo

Becky Zappacosta - Untitled
by Becky Zappacosta

Bruce Walker - Jungle Beauty
Jungle Beauty
by Bruce Walker

Craig Sellars - Bottle
by Craig Sellars

Freaktography Photography - I Hope I Die Before I Get Old
I Hope I Die Before I Get Old
by Freaktography Photography

Greg David - Painted Skies
Painted Skies
by Greg David

Janis Muzzy - Happy Frog
Happy Frog
by Janis Muzzy

Judy Tomlinson - Haunted House
Haunted House
by Judy Tomlinson

Trevor Chapman - Garden Sunset
Garden Sunset
by Trevor Chapman

Greg David - St. James Cathedral
St. James Cathedral
by Greg David

Karen Lee - Project 5223 Fashion
Project 52/23…Fashion
by Karen Lee

Judy Tomlinson - Red Tulip with Raindrops
Red Tulip with Raindrops
by Judy Tomlinson

Kimberly Merrifield - Afternoon Tea with a Hummingbird
Afternoon Tea with a Hummingbird
by Kimberly Merrifield

Mark Shannon - Toronto Skyline in Fog *5521
Toronto Skyline in Fog *5521
by Mark Shannon

Michael Nichols - Tourists in the Sun
Tourists in the Sun
by Michael Nichols

Wendy Teal - Brady
by Wendy Teal

Rebecca Nash - Ring1
by Rebecca Nash

Robert Alemany - Untitled
by Robert Alemany

Robert Guimont - Cuban Sunrise
Cuban Sunrise
by Robert Guimont

Sherry Galey - Untitled
by Sherry Galey

Robert Alemany - Untitled
by Robert Alemany

Trevor Chapman - Flight of the Bumble Bee
Flight of the Bumble Bee
by Trevor Chapman

Wendy Teal - Celebrate!
by Wendy Teal

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